Abbie Hoffman

[Abbie Hoffman, Mobilization for Justice & Peace in Central America & Southern Africa, March and Rally, Saturday, April 25, 1987, Washington, D.C. photo. c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

[Abbie Hoffman and son, America, Boulder Colorado June 1986. Photo: Allen Ginsberg copyright Estate of Allen Ginsberg]

[“Abbie Hoffman Makes Gefilte Fish” (in the Chelsea Hotel) – video by Laura Kroneberg Cavestani & Frank Cavestani, 1973]

Abbie Hoffman would have been 75 today [November 30 2011]

His appearance, in 1980, on Coca Crystal’s cable tv show can be seen here, here and here.

His interview with Barbara Walters (“mainstream media”), on … Read More

Daniel Radcliffe and Allen Ginsberg

[Daniel Radcliffe and Allen Ginsberg juxtaposition – courtesy]

Daniel Radcliffe, the actor, recently quoted by MTV:

“I actually wrote a poem the other day for the first time in about eight months and I went, ah, actually that’s half-decent. Everything else I’ve written has been crap, but I wrote something today that I was actually pleased with”

and now comes the rumor/news – broken first by – “Daniel Radcliffe To Play Allen Ginsberg in John Krokidas’ Gay-Themed Thriller, Kill Your Darlings”

Here’s the news disseminated in New York magazine and in the Huffington Post. … Read More

Blake (Allen’s 1975 Naropa Class)

AG: What I want to do today is to run through (William) Blake’s “Songs of Innocence and Experience”. Do most of you have the texts, or some of you have the texts? You might take them out. You’ve all read some Blake. Is there anybody here who never read any Blake at all? Raise your hands. Now, do most of you know some of the “Songs of Innocence and Experience”? I guess. Those of you who read Blake in grammar school, can you raise your hand? What schools did you go to?

Student: Public
AG: Where?
Student: In Detroit
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William Blake’s Birthday

William Blake was born in London on November 28 1757. For all things Blake, we refer you to the phenomenal William Blake Archives, an extraordinary resource, overseen by the University of North Carolina’s Joseph Viscomi, the University of Rochester’s Morris Eaves, and the University of California’s Robert Essick. A complete hypertext version of “The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake, edited by David V Erdman” is available there. Even more impressive, perhaps, the high-resolution scans, electronic versions, of numerous editions of Blake’s illuminated books (not to mention drawings, paintings, engravings, and more), faithfully reproducing his extraordinary, integral, visionary … Read More

Remembering Harry Smith

“It was twenty years ago today, Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play”. No, wait a minute, it wasn’t, it was twenty years ago today that Harry Smith died. We already made a pretty comprehensive posting, which we would draw your attention to – here,
but wanted to mark the occasion with more Smith mischief and miscellany.
Allen on Harry: “So he died at the Chelsea (Hotel). Rani Singh, the secretary, was with him all day trying to get him to go to a hospital and he kept saying , “No, I’m dying, I’ll die”. And then Sandro Chia..
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Ginsberg Sings “The Rune” Conegliano 1995 (ASV #23)

The shakey hand-held camera, the amateur nature of the document, almost doesn’t diminish this – Allen’s beautiful (haunting) presentation of “The Rune”, from “Contest of Bards”, (accompanied by guitar, no, mandolin – and a Celtic harp, no less! – that’s Vincenzo Zitello, incidentally, on the harp). The occasion, Conegliano, in 1995, the Teatro Accademia – “America America” – an evening in hommage to the great Italian translator (and Beat scholar), Fernanda Pivano. Others on the bill that night were Francesco Guccini, Claudio Lolli, the late great Fabrizio De Andre, Andrea Zanzotto (who passed
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Friday’s Weekly Round-Up 51

[via OWS Librarian, Stephen Boyer: “the copy of “What Work Is” by Philip Levine, that he brought into the library and signed, (the) morning before the raid. Damaged. NYPD tossed out a signed copy of poems (that) our nation’s Poet Laureate donated.”]

The Occupy Wall Street Library is symptomatic so we’ll lead off with that –

On Wednesday there was a press conference in New York regarding NYPD and Brookfield Properties’ apparent mindless destruction of so many of the books.

What happened to the books that we showed here, we wonder? (well, some answer to that question in the … Read More

More Dylan and Allen -2

Vomit Express was recorded in November 1971 and was first made available, twelve years later (February 1983) on “Allen Ginsberg:First Blues”, a two-record set (with gatefold cover by Robert Frank) – not to be confused with the Folkways album of the same name – on the legendary John Hammond‘s eponymous John Hammond Records. That record was later made available in CD format in 2006
It was also part of the Rhino four-CD set, “Holy Soul Jelly Roll – Poems and Songs 1949-1993” (appearing on the final CD – “Ashes and Blues”).
Allen’s note in the booklet that … Read More

More Dylan and Allen -1

[2015 note – the original You Tube video that led off this post is no longer available. Two versions, however, of “See You Later, Allen Ginsberg” have emerged on the recently released – The Basement Tapes Complete – The Bootleg Series Volume 11]

” See You Later, Allen Ginsberg” is a joyful throw-away that appears on Bob Dylan’s The Genuine Basement Tapes Volume 4. It was recorded at Big Pink, West Saugerties, New York, between June and October 1967. The “back-up band” is (of course) The Band. The giddy response in the call-and-response is by the much-missed Richard ManuelRead More