Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 395
December 7, 2018
Mary Paniccia Carden‘s Women Writers of the Beat Era – Autobiography and Intertextuality, (part of the University of Virginia Press’s “Cultural Frames, Framing Cuture” series, published back in April), somehow passed us by. We’re happy to get a reminder about this important and provocative book from David S Wills – Read his[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 387
October 12, 2018
A little anniversary slipped by last Sunday – October 7th – the legendary first (public) reading of “Howl”[…]
Barry Farber Interview – 4
April 15, 2018
We continue with the transcription of Allen’s appearance on Barry Farber’s 1976 radio broadcast. In this episode, a punk Jonathan Robbins appears to the consternation of Barry Farber, and Allen discusses, among other things, ecology (eco-consciousness) and the apparent difficulty (alleged impossibility) of translation.  BF:  (The Beat Generation) ….was every[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up -360
April 6, 2018
National Poetry Month in America this month. “April is the cruellest..” and all that. We’re very much of the opinion of noted[…]
Miltonic Psalm Notations
March 19, 2018
Allen Ginsberg’s 1980 Basic Poetics class (at Naropa) – continuing from here AG: So, the next experiment I did (was) with Miltonics – Milton. This is my Miltonics. It was pretty sick Miltonics.  Because what it is,  is a total[…]
Shunryu Suzuki (1904-1971)
December 4, 2017
Remembering today one of the great Buddhist teachers, Suzuki Roshi,  Shunryu Suzuki, influential Soto Zen priest and founder of the San Francisco Zen Center and the Tassajara Zen Mountain Center (the first Soto Zen training monastery in the United States and one of the very first Buddhist training monasteries to be established[…]
Michael McClure – Interview continued
October 22, 2017
Michael McClure. Continuing the transcription from yesterday Interviewer: Can you talk a little about “Meat Science” ? MM  No, that’s so long ago, David.  No. Do you mean the book of essays? Interviewer:[…]
Michael McClure – The Beard and Beast Language
October 21, 2017
  Michael McClure celebrated his 85th birthday yesterday. In his honor, here follows another transcript from the extraordinary series of readings/discussions that took place in Novato California, in the mid 70’s (see here ,[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 338
October 20, 2017
It’s Michael McClure’s birthday. The legendary Beat poet turns, astonishingly, 85 today. Happy Birthday, Michael! Some of our previous McClure postings here, here and here.  Michael on Bob Dylan here.  Reading  with Allen in 1976[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 323
July 7, 2017
“Driving The Beat Road” – Jeff Weiss‘ recent detailed (and profusely illustrated ) survey, in The Washington Post, “in search of surviving members of the Beat Generation“,  is another  (well, we keep using this term, but it’s true) – “must-read”. Weiss recounts the circumstances and the details of his interviews (conducted earlier[…]