Ilya Kutik

“Fine-bearded Ilya Kutik & his wife, center, at home with his circle of friends, philologists, translators, poets & philosophy teachers, Moscow December 16, 1985. Dostoyevski-eyed youth in stripped sweater had gone absent without leave for the evening from the Army to meet me and ask after Neal Cassady, Kerouac’s hero, On The Road” (Allen Ginsberg, caption from out-of-print Danish edition: Fotografier 1947-87)]

A recent posting on our Facebook page, but perhaps many didn’t see it. Here’s Ilya Kutik recollecting his encounters with Allen and providing some background to a classic Allen photograph – the Russian connection.
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More Ginsberg on Pound (1980 class transcription)

[Ezra Pound, poet, Rutherford, New Jersey, at the home of William Carlos Williams, June 30 1958 – photo by Richard Avedon]

More on Ezra Pound (who passed away 39 years ago).

Here’s transcription of remarks by Allen (from a 1980 NAROPA class)

AG: ABC of Reading by Ezra Pound. How many know of that (book)? Yeah, I recommend taking a look at it or buying it, reading it, it’s a little anthology, its like a teaching anthology to hit high points and special effects in. (turns to student) – do you know it, Mike?.. have you read it? … Read More