Daniel Radcliffe and Allen Ginsberg

Daniel Radcliffe and Allen Ginsberg juxtaposition – courtesy Broadway.com

Daniel Radcliffe, the actor, recently quoted by MTV:

“I actually wrote a poem the other day for the first time in about eight months and I went, ah, actually that’s half-decent. Everything else I’ve written has been crap, but I wrote something today that I was actually pleased with”

and now comes the rumor/news – broken first by twitchfilm.com – “Daniel Radcliffe To Play Allen Ginsberg in John Krokidas’ Gay-Themed Thriller, Kill Your Darlings”

Here’s the news disseminated in New York magazine and in the Huffington Post. Here’s Mike Berlin for Out (a magazine Daniel graced the cover for).
We here at the Ginsberg Project reported on this projected film in 2009 (the filming of John Krokidas and Austin Bunn’s script has been very much a delayed project – but,hey, this is Hollywood!)

Harry Potter and Allen Ginsberg! – talk about zeitgeist confluence!

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  1. This would be awesome. This would make an entire new generation learn about Allen and his work. Also, it's well known Radcliffe loves poetry. I remember watching interviews when he was promoting the third or fourth Harry Potter movie and he was already talking about poetry, he even has some poems published with a pseudonym. So I think there couldn't be anyone better to understand his work and life.

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