Blake continues – 4
December 3, 2018
Allen Ginsberg on William Blake ( & his derivation from Milton) – continues AG: Now, Milton, in the “Preface” to Paradise Lost  “doth say”, (on his verse form) – “The measure is English heroic verse, without rhyme, as that in Homer in Greek or Virgil, in Latin, rhyme being no longer necessary[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 394
November 30, 2018
[Allen Ginsberg, 1996 – Photo: David McReynolds – “Allen carried with him a little Canon pocket camera (I have one also), not digital. Coming home one day I met him in the street, where this was taken, and[…]
Blake continues – 2
November 27, 2018
Allen Ginsberg on William Blake’s poem ,“The French Revolution” continues AG: And so let’s turn to Milton (Paradise Lost)  for a few minutes.  Well, let’s get Burgundy’s speech (in ” The French Revolution”) first. Is anybody interested in reading this aloud? Who is[…]
Blake continues – 1
November 26, 2018
Allen Ginsberg’s teaching on William Blake resumes today – (from his January 25th 1979 class at Naropa (then) Institute) Student: (The tape begins in media res.  The discussion is on Blake’s “The Grey Monk”)  – from Erdman‘s notes,  from his Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake – Student is reading ][…]
“French Revolution” – 3
November 21, 2018
[Liberty Leading The People – Eugene Delacroix (1830)} Allen Ginsberg continuing his notes on “The French Revolution” AG: “In the den nam’d Destiny a strong man sat,/ His feet and hands cut off, and his eyes blinded; round his /middle a chain and a band/ Fasten’d into the wall; fancy gave him[…]
“French Revolution” – 2
November 20, 2018
Allen Ginsberg on William Blake’s poem “The French Revolution”, continues AG: So then we have this vision of the seven towers of the Bastille.  Yeah? Student: Yeah, I think I read in the Blake Dictionary  that the seven towers represented the different victims of the Revolution.. Pure woman…. AG: Yeah, I’ve got[…]
“French Revolution” – 1
November 19, 2018
Allen Ginsberg on William Blake’s poem “The French Revolution”, continues AG: Okay, now to the poem.  So you get the idea.  ((S. Foster Damon) also says (that) Blake had to make up the details of Louis’s council[…]
The Three Estates (French Revolution)
November 14, 2018
AG:  The events covered by Blake’s “French Revolution” may be summarized briefly from history, according to Erdman.  The three estates – that is the king, the priests, and the commons – convened on[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 388
October 19, 2018
Andy Warhol’s photo archive  (consisting of 3,600 contact sheets and 130,000 images -“the most complete collection of the artist’s black-and-white photography ever made available to the public”)  was[…]
more Blake – (Cradle Song, The Divine Image, Holy Thursday, Night)
October 18, 2018
Allen Ginsberg continues his review of Willam Blake’s “Songs of Innocence” AG:  Then, (next),  the “Cradle Song”: “Sweet dreams form a shade,/O’er my lovely infants head./Sweet dreams of pleasant streams,/By happy silent moony beams” -Would you turn the page please – “Sweet sleep with soft down,/ Weave thy brows an infant crown./Sweet[…]