“French Revolution” – 1
November 19, 2018
Allen Ginsberg on William Blake’s poem “The French Revolution”, continues AG: Okay, now to the poem.  So you get the idea.  ((S. Foster Damon) also says (that) Blake had to make up the details of Louis’s council[…]
The Three Estates (French Revolution)
November 14, 2018
AG:  The events covered by Blake’s “French Revolution” may be summarized briefly from history, according to Erdman.  The three estates – that is the king, the priests, and the commons – convened on[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 388
October 19, 2018
Andy Warhol’s photo archive  (consisting of 3,600 contact sheets and 130,000 images -“the most complete collection of the artist’s black-and-white photography ever made available to the public”)  was[…]
more Blake – (Cradle Song, The Divine Image, Holy Thursday, Night)
October 18, 2018
Allen Ginsberg continues his review of Willam Blake’s “Songs of Innocence” AG:  Then, (next),  the “Cradle Song”: “Sweet dreams form a shade,/O’er my lovely infants head./Sweet dreams of pleasant streams,/By happy silent moony beams” -Would you turn the page please – “Sweet sleep with soft down,/ Weave thy brows an infant crown./Sweet[…]
more Blake – (The Chimney Sweeper)
October 15, 2018
Allen Ginsberg’s 1979 Naropa Class on William Blake’s Songs of Innocence continues AG: Then, (next),  “The Chimney Sweeper”: “When my mother died I was very young,/And my father sold me while yet my tongue,/Could scarcely cry weep weep weep weep./So your chimneys I sweep & in soot I sleep./ There’s little Tom[…]
Blake (The Shepherd & The Ecchoing Green)
October 9, 2018
Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky  continue with their performance of William Blake’s Songs of Innocence “How sweet is the Shepherds sweet lot,/From the morn to the evening he strays:/He shall follow his sheep all the day/And his tongue shall be filled with praise./  For he hears the lambs innocent call,/And[…]
Blake – Songs of Innocence (Introduction)
October 8, 2018
Continuing Allen Ginsberg’s lectures (from Naropa January 18, 1979) on William Blake AG: So, next, I thought, chronologically, are the Songs of Innocence.  How many have read those by now?  Has anybody not read those yet?  It’s alright if you (haven’t).  Anybody not read them yet?  Raise your hand please.  Okay.  How[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 385
September 28, 2018
Next week in Vienna. The annual conference of the European Beat Studies Network, starting on Wednesday and concluding Saturday October 6th The program includes – on Friday:  Franca Bellarsi –  “Allen Ginsberg’s Ecopoetics: Oscillating between Sentience-in-Interdependence and Physically-Determined Embodiment” – on Saturday (on the “Transnational Beat” segment) – Antonín Zita – “Dismantling[…]
More Blake – Tiriel – 2
September 25, 2018
Allen Ginsberg on William Blake’s “Tiriel” continues A different sort of indication that Blake wrote with the condition of the British Empire in mind is the source of the names.  Apparently there’s a book by Cornelius Agrippa, Occult Philosophy, from which the “Tiriel” name is taken, and from that it is the[…]
More Blake – Tiriel – 1
September 24, 2018
Allen Ginsberg on William Blake continues This tape (from January 18 1979) begins in media res with Allen lecturing on William Blake’s narrative poem, Tiriel AG:  … pointing out that “Ijim” is an idiot belief in reality, or[…]