Elazar Larry Freifeld Tel Aviv 1988 Interview
March 3, 2018
Allen Ginsberg in Israel. This interview with Elazar Larry Freifeld was conducted at Tel Aviv University in 1988, and published in Moznaim (in Hebrew). It appeared a year later (In English) in The Tel Aviv Review, and most[…]
Steven Taylor – 2
February 18, 2018
Continuing from yesterday – a Steven Taylor weekend. What a range of music to hear! False Prophet – Field Notes From The Punk Underground  (a must-read) is still very much in print “From 1988 through 1993, guitarist/vocalist Steven[…]
Allen Ginsberg 1985 Naropa reading
December 31, 2017
Continuing from yesterday’s Eric Mottram-Philip Whalen reading Allen Ginsberg  (following some brief announcements of upcoming readings by Anne Waldman) Anne Waldman introduces Allen Ginsberg:; AW: Allen Ginsberg – Guggenheim Fellow and member of the American Institute of Arts and Letters, the author of Howl, Kaddish, Planet News, The[…]
Reassembling Perception
September 7, 2017
AG: So you assemble, you reassemble, all these objects and you get the sensation that you had at the time. So it’s almost like a precise science.. won’t you believe it? Student: Well, it seems like you’re taking a real classical approach that these things that[…]
More Haiku Thinking
September 4, 2017
“Old pond/Frog jumps/kerplunk!” continuing from AG’s 1980 Naropa class – see here AG  It’s real interesting.  It got me onto noticing what was wrong with a lot of my haiku(s), and so I found that most of my haiku(s) just had, you know, a flash,[…]
On The Composition of Haiku
August 24, 2017
continued from yesterday,   1980 Naropa classroom –  Student is refering to another student’s writing that Allen has just analyzed Student:  For a while there, it seeemed like, like she was saying, it seemed like,  I don’t know how many syllables there were, but they seemed they were pared down, to[…]
Composition and Condensation – 3 (Classroom Notation)
August 23, 2017
continuing from yesterday AG: Then, the other thing we came to, she had a poem that was a discrete series of code-word observations, one after another in a row, and it sounded, like, too choppy, or much like she was doing an[…]
Composition and Condensation – 2
August 22, 2017
AG: Then another thing formulated with Rachel today was, in terms of condensation, if you can find three or four different ways of saying, of arranging the same words, generally, the spoken arrangement that is the shortest has the best rhythm and is the most vivid. – Do[…]
Allen Ginsberg Reading at The Intersection, San Francisco, 1971
July 29, 2017
Another archived reading today (courtesy the irreplaceable PennSounds) – Allen Ginsberg reading at The Intersection for the Arts in San Francisco in 1971 AG: I’ll begin. Most of what I’ll read tonight is poetry from the last twelve months (sic), but I want to begin, prefatory, by a poem[…]
Buddhism and The Beats (Ginsberg 1993 – Q & A)
July 22, 2017
Following on from last week’s “Buddhists and The Beats” video -the Q & A, the final segment. Do we have time for questions.? AG: Yes, sure Q: You said that your poetry is a practice as well, so..is it..do you meditate every day? do you use poetry as a practice? AG: It’s[…]