On Jack Kerouac’s Spontaneity
July 24, 2018
AG: (“Sense seeks and finds the thought” (William Blake) ) So “genius finds thought without seeking & thought thus produced finds the sense.”  Is that clear?  Is that clear?  I mean, does anybody not understand that reversal?  Because the sort of squarer, more rationalistic or literalistic thought is that you’ve got to[…]
Buddhism and The Beats (Ginsberg 1993 – Q & A)
July 22, 2017
Following on from last week’s “Buddhists and The Beats” video -the Q & A, the final segment. Do we have time for questions.? AG: Yes, sure Q: You said that your poetry is a practice as well, so..is it..do you meditate every day? do you use poetry as a practice? AG: It’s[…]
Revisiting Jack Kerouac’s Poems – 2
June 7, 2017
AG: And… more on death… was..(224th Chorus, Mexico City Blues) – “Great God Almighty/, What’s to be done?/O what’s to be done?/ Sings the majestical keener/and moaner/At the Mexican Funeral home -/And from a clap in the up clouds/Comes a clap of clouts,/”All has been done”/As Theravada say “Nothing”/Nada moonshine number, whats[…]
Revisiting Jack Kerouac’s Poems – 1
June 6, 2017
AG: We don’t have that (Jack) Kerouac poem, let’s see -Kerouac’s serious death shot (you know, mortality) was a poem that ends “Poor!  I wish I were…”   – Yeah, I got it, okay… number 211 (in Mexico City Blues)  – (the) 211th Chorus, in Kerouac.. Just to[…]
Kerouac / Shakespeare
November 2, 2015
Allen’s  1979 Naropa  class on Basic Poetics continues. He continues surveying the early English poems in the Norton Anthology     AG:  “Merciles Beaute” by Chaucer – (page)  53  –  What I’m hitting are the prettiest.. the prettiest rhythms, prettiest rhythms and images that I remember, that I’ve learned when I was going to[…]
A Detour (Exuberant Shakespearean Parody)
October 27, 2015
  Student:  I have two questions, one is this – that the first time at a poetry reading, (which you’ve referred to here), when you get into writing poetry, do you think that first type of flowery, primary thing… I think, that anyone can, if they want to write poetry, can follow[…]
Ginsberg at UMass, Lowell – part 1 (Burroughs and Kerouac)
August 29, 2015
    Allen Ginsberg at the UMass (Lowell) Courtesy the video archives of the Jack and Stella Kerouac Center For Public Humanities (scroll down), Allen Ginsberg speaking on and reading from William Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, Philip Whalen, Nanao Sakaki, Robert Creeley, Gregory Corso, and John Wieners, recorded at the University of Massachusetts[…]
Allen Ginsberg on Jack Kerouac (1982 Workshop at the Kerouac Conference)
August 15, 2015
  [“Jack Kerouac wandering along East 9th Street after visiting (William) Burroughs at our pad, passing statue of Congressman Samuel “Sunset” Cox, “the letter-carrier’s friend” in Tompkins Square toward Corner of Avenue A, Lower East Side, he’s making a Dostoyevsky-mad face or Russian basso be-bop Om, just walking around the neighborhood, then[…]