Friday’s Weekly Round-Up 51

[via OWS Librarian, Stephen Boyer: “the copy of “What Work Is” by Philip Levine, that he brought into the library and signed, (the) morning before the raid. Damaged. NYPD tossed out a signed copy of poems (that) our nation’s Poet Laureate donated.”]

The Occupy Wall Street Library is symptomatic so we’ll lead off with that –

On Wednesday there was a press conference in New York regarding NYPD and Brookfield Properties’ apparent mindless destruction of so many of the books.

What happened to the books that we showed here, we wonder? (well, some answer to that question in the photograph above)

Pleased to report that the current OWS Poetry Anthology is now available on-line – and, as Danny Schechter notes, in one if its several introductions (sic) – “… let’s not forget (in this context) the Beats, like Allen Ginsberg…whose life and work was a testament to the duty of the poet to provoke and inform, to fuse poesy and politics. Allen is here in spirit..”

OccuPoetry has been established. One of its early publications is this – Richard Downing’s “Howl Again” (see here for more (unrelated) Ginsberg parodies – not forgetting this one).

Robert Hass‘s account (in the New York Times) certainly bears rebroadcasting – “At Occupy Berkeley, Beat Poets Has New Meaning” (“Beat poets, not beat poets”!).

Elsewhere… (The Beat Museum) has a brand new refurbished new web-site – Check it out. & Dangerous Minds, this week, introduced us to the wonderful Krystal Cannon (and this rightly-lauded student-piece – she was 16 years old when she made it – (one nit-picking correction it was Huncke not Burroughs, Krystal, involved there, in the heist, but otherwise…))

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