Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 389
October 26, 2018
Andy Clausen‘s  Beat –  A First-Hand Account of The Latter Days of The Beat Generation, long-awaited, finally appears from Autonomedia – Beat is, according to its jacket-blurb,  “an unfiltered chronicle of the wild escapades of those who made the living poetry that expressed the atomic age and beyond….Clausen’s eyewitness memoirs, stories, anecdotes[…]
Allen Ginsberg 1979 Leicester Student Interview
May 26, 2018
Last week, we featured transcription from a tape in the Stanford University Archives that featured an interview with Jack Kerouac’s childhood friend (and Allen’s friend) jazz aficiando, Seymour Wyse. This week, from the same tape, the conversation is followed by an interview with an earnest young English student (presumably an undergraduate at[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 295
December 9, 2016
  The European Beat Studies Network’s 2017 Annual Conference, the sixth, (this past year (2016), it was held in Manchester, England), will have a decidedly Francophile bent this coming year – “Paris Interzone – The Transcultural Beat Generation (Collaboration, Edition, Translation)”. From the[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 288
October 7, 2016
  Gregory Corso‘s Painting of Edgar Allan Poe October 7, 1849 –  the death of Edgar Allan Poe. More Allen-Ginsberg-on-Poe postings here, here and here October 2017 marks the Centennial of the English poet David Gascoyne. Enitharmon, his English publisher, have taken the occasion to reprint a 1986 letter/memoir/note he wrote to[…]
Eliot Katz – The Poetry and Politics of Allen Ginsberg
December 17, 2015
Eliot Katz‘s new book, The Poetry and Politics of Allen Ginsberg is now out from David Wills’ Beatdom books.  For more details, see here  Read his earlier response – (an unpublished letter to the New York Times)  “Ginsberg Apolitical?  I don’t think so” – hereMore of Eliot-on-Allen here and hereKurt Hemmer writes:[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 239
October 9, 2015
Kerouac Festival in Lowell this weekend. Here are all the details. Among the highlights…..David Amram, Pamela Twining, Andy Clausen  and here‘s Andy Clausen reading “My Name’s Neal Cassady What’s Yours?” (Andy narrates the story of his meeting with Neal Cassady, an excerpt from his “The Last Days of the Beat Generation.”) Watch […]
1980 Naropa – Ginsberg-Clausen-Whalen reading
November 1, 2014
July 23 1980 at the Naropa Institute – Allen Ginsberg, Philip Whalen and Andy Clausen (Anne Waldman introduces Allen and Philip, Allen introduces Andy Clausen) courtesy of the Naropa Archives, the audio can be accessed here and here Anne Waldman:  Welcome to this second session (of[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 175
May 2, 2014
Our friend, Chris Funkhouser has a must-read piece (part of a 4-part series) in Jacket 2 on his experiences with audio recording (and in this case, in particular,[…]
Gregory Corso’s Birthday
March 26, 2014
  Kirby Olson has been compiling a “crowd-sourced on-line biography” of Gregory Corso since 2010. He sees John Aubrey’s classic,[…]
Neal Cassady’s Birthday
February 8, 2014
                                             Neal Cassady‘s birthday today, “cocksman and Adonis of Denver”. Had he lived, he would have been 88 years old. Hear him with The Grateful Dead quietly noodling behind him (recorded[…]