Gregory Corso Tribute

It’s Gregory Corso‘s birthday today.

Born in 1930, he would be 94 (94! – hard to imagine a nonagenarian Gregory!).

In honor of his birthday we’re featuring this edited recording (from the September 16, 2018  “Tribute To Gregory Corso”, (organized by his editors, Raymond Foye and George Scrivani),
which took place, in front of a packed and appreciative audience in New York, at New York’s Howl! Arts/ Howl! Happening Gallery.

Bookended by footage of the space and of the audience, proceedings begin (at approximately two-and-a-half minutes in) with an introduction by Raymond Foye.

 Anne Waldman (at approximately six-and-a-quarter minutes in) is the first speaker.
She talks and then reads Gregory’s poem, “The Whole Mess…Almost“. This is followed (at approximately thirteen-and-three-quarter minutes in) by Danny Lamas reading  “For John Lennon” and Edgar Oliver (at fifteen minutes in) reading from an, at that time, unpublished poem, (“The Delphic oracle advised Socrates “Know thyself”…” – the poem was subsequently published in Corso’s posthumous collection, edited by Foye and Scrivani, The Golden Dot).

The bulk of the tape (beginning at approximately eighteen-and-a-half minutes in) consists of a priceless interview,  Foye interviews his fellow editor (and Gregory’s consort and long-time friend), George Scrivani.

Scrivani has rarely spoken publicly on Gregory. He speaks extensively on him here.

Here’s footage from a more-recent (2023) tribute/celebration that took place in Woodstock (simulcast to Corso celebrations that were taking place in Rome)

Shiv Mirabito introduces Andy Clausen, Ed Sanders, Mike Platsky, Charles Stein, Phyllis Segura, Valery Oisteanu. Annie Nocenti, and footage of Janine Pommy Vega. (The tape concludes with footage of Ed Sanders and The Fugs)

Sadly, Ed’s portfolio from the Woodstock Journal of appreciations of Gregory is no longer on line

but for more Gregory Corso memories and tributes – see here and here

and, of course, memories of Gregory, will be deep in everyone who ever encountered him and will remain eternal

Happy Birthday, Gregory!

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