Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 564

The video conjunctions to the tracks on The Fall of America Volume 2 have been a revelation.

See here, here, here, here, here, here, here  and here.  In fact, see here

Here‘s another one (recently uploaded), WHY?’s performance of “Death on All Fronts”

Vocals – Yoni Wolf.  Music production and arrangement -Yoni Wolf & Josiah Wolf – Video Production Director: Andrea Calvetti

Yoni Wolf: “I went through the book (The Fall of America)  with an “I’ll know it when I see it mentality. I focussed on poems and sections of poems a certain length, ones that felt like the had a rappable cadence and ones that had content I felt I could relate to and embody. I had a process of marking potential candidates with color-coded post-it notes – red for cadence, yellow for length, green for content. Along with one or two others,”Death On All Fronts” found itself  with 3 post-its. I read it out loud several times and the phrasing fell into place easily. I knew it was the one.”

“A new moon looks down on our sick sweet planet/Orion’s chased the immovable Bear halfway across the sky/ From winter to winter I wake, earlier in bed, fly corpses/cover gas lit sheets, my head aches, left temple/brain fibre throbbing for Death I Created on all Fronts…”



William S Burroughs (1914-1997)

Burroughs and The Beats Beatdom‘s month-long series continues

On Monday  – Burroughs Studies: The Last Ten Years
Wednesday  – Burroughs at 110: What’s Next?
& today  – Beyond the Word: Burroughs as a Multidisciplinary Artist.
And more to come

also at Beatdom, check out” Vlae Kershner‘s ” Jack Kerouac and Allan TemkoContrasting Visions of the Sublime


Neal Cassady (1926-1968)

John Allen Cassady‘s Neal Cassady recollections begin on Simon Warner’s Rock and The Beat Generation Substack – don’t miss them – see here


Pleased to announce a new Andy Clausen poetry collection, The Fabled Damned, just out from Zeitgeist Press (with an introduction by Danny Shot)


Its title takes off from these words – timely words – from Walt Whitman (from his Democratic Vistas):

“…..  (the) solely materialistic bearings upon current life in the United States… (must)  be confronted and and met by at least an equally subtle and tremendous force-infusion for purposes of spiritualization, for the pure conscience… or else our civilization, with all its improvements, is in vain, and we are on the road to a destiny, a status, equivalent, in its real world, to that of the fabled damned.”

Allen memorably invokes this particular phrase in his 1974 Fall of America National Book Award speech.

Allen himself is invoked many times in the book, not the least in Andy’s wise and instructive poem. “What Allen Said To Me in 90”.



We mentioned it previously here, but now, a further update, Material Wealth, the CD, out soon, the audio companion to the recently-published book, out from Real Gone Music

“These classic, yet rare, and some previously unreleased poems and songs are a bible of bop prosody from one of the Holy Trinity of the Beat Generation”.  The CD is housed inside a 4-panel wallet and comes with an accompanying 16-page booklet. Ordering information – here

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