Lenny Bruce

The anniversary of the death of a counter-culture iconoclast yesterday, here’s another one today – Lenny Bruce.  Why Did Lenny Bruce Die? – a 1966 biographical audio-documentary from Capitol Records, including excerpts from Lenny’s performances, plus interview segments with family, friends, and legal experts, seeks to answer that question.  Compiled and produced by Lawrence Schiller. Narration written by Richard Warren Lewis

Lenny Bruce Is Out Again The album was originally released in 1966 (as a private pressing by Bruce himself via Phil Spector’s Philles label). It was re-released only last year by Comedy Dynamics, in association with the Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation, the first “approved official release”   (Here‘s Brian Logan’s Guardian review of that recording )

Here’s Lenny Bruce’s classic appearance on the Steve Allen Show, April 5, 1959

Here’s, at the very end of his life, one of the last public appearances before his untimely death

Bob Dylan eulogizes him (in a live performance from October 2019)

In fact, here’s six great live versions

Here’s a recording of the Memorial Service that took place for him at Judson Church in New York a few weeks after his death (Allen participated and read a poem for him)

A trailblazer for free speech, lover, truth-teller, hipster supreme,  Lenny will never be forgotten.

Check out the Official Web-site of Lenny Bruce 

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