Friday’s Weekly Round-Up -346
December 15, 2017
Amanda Petrusich, writing in The New Yorker “The membrane between poetry and“song,” as we think of it in 2017, has always been flimsy and permeable; once all poems were songs. Ginsberg’s weird, wobbly singing [in “The Complete Songs of[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 337
October 13, 2017
This coming Wednesday, next Wednesday, October 18th, at The Beat Museum,  “Huncke and Louis” – A Film Screening with Laki Vazakas, a rare chance to see Vazakas’ tender[…]
Terry Gross Interview, 1994
October 8, 2016
  Terry Gross. 1987 in the studio on NPR’s “Fresh Air”     “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn, looking for an angry fix” TG: Allen Ginsberg, reading his now classic poem “Howl”. Ginsberg was a cultural hero[…]
Lord Buckley
November 12, 2015
                    Richard Buckley – Lord Buckley (1906-1960) – Photograph by Charles Campbell M’lords, m’ladies of the Royal Court” – Fifty-five years since the passing of the great Lord Buckley.  Just re-released by City Lights this year – what Buckley scholar, Oliver Trager has[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round Up – 204
January 16, 2015
Herbert Huncke Centennial Celebrations at the Beat Museum today – Laki Vazakas, Hilary Holladay, Ben Schafer, Dennis McNally, Brenda Knight, Regina Marler and Tate Swindell look back upon and discuss Herbert Huncke’s genius.  Two weeks since the last Friday Round-Up, so a bit of catching up to do.  Here’s (talking of the[…]
Lenny Bruce’s Birthday
October 13, 2014
It’s Lenny Bruce‘s birthday today. Sending a shout-out to Lenny Bruce. Here’s classic footage of him in performance this, from the transcript of the 1968 William Buckley show: AG: ..all the artists in New York got together and put out a big petition… WB: To which saying? AG:  ..saying[…]
Lenny Bruce Memorial at the Judson Church August 12, 1966
August 12, 2010
Lenny Bruce‘s memorial from 44 years ago today. Hosted by Paul Krassner, it includes performances by Joe Lee Wilson, Allen Garfield, The Fugs, Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky, Tony Scott Quartet, Jean Shepard, The Rev. Howard Moody, The Rev. Al Carmines and many more. Allen reads his poem “Who Be Kind To.”[…]