Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 305


Hot news from Real Gone Music – reissues of two essential Beat albums (limited editions in vinyl) – Allen’s classic 1966 recording of Kaddish and the Jack Kerouac-Steve Allens recording Poetry For The Beat Generation, (Jack’s debut as a recording artist).

Both are officially due out April 7, but pre-ordering will be available and details will be announced soon.

For further information on both these records – see this comprehensive article –  here 


& Just out from the Cambridge University Press, and available in paperback – The Cambridge Companion to The Beats – edited by Steve BellettoRead More

March 12 – Jack Kerouac’s birthday

from a “Journal during first stages of “On The Road“ (by John Kerouac [sic], 1948-49) Monday November 29 – That’s 32,500 words since I started on Nov 9, or better than 1500 words per day…per sitting, very high. Although this is only the first draft, and I still have no idea where I’m heading with it, I delight in the figures, as always, because they are concrete evidence of a greater freedom of writing than I had in Town and the City. However, who knows … Read More