Barry Farber Interview – 3
April 14, 2018
The Barry Farber 1976 interview that we featured last week continues. Audio for the interview can be heard here and here  BF: I’m Barry Farber, Peter Orlovsky is with us –  I think that means “the son of the eagle” AG: Right…  Russian too. BF: Allen[…]
Huncke, Holmes & Burroughs at Naropa, 1982
July 8, 2017
The legendary 1982 Jack Kerouac Conference at Naropa (then Institute, now University). We’ve featured a number of postings consisting of transcription from events at that one-of-a-kind stellar gathering (on the twenty-fifth anniversary of Kerouac’s On The Road),  but not, for some reason, this one – Herbert Huncke, John Clellon Holmes and William[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 314
May 5, 2017
Very pleased to note that the Allen Ginsberg Archive at Stanford University has just recently gotten around to providing, for on-line study, a digitalized copy of the iconic “Howl” manuscript/typescript ( an endlessly fascinating document, featuring Allen’s various autograph corrections and annotations) Allen sent the first six pages of this manuscript to[…]
The Unknown Kerouac
October 2, 2016
Just out from Library of America – The Unknown Kerouac – edited by Todd Tietchen (with several texts newly translated from the French by Jean-Christophe Cloutier)  The publishers write:    “Edited and published with unprecedented access to the  (Jack) Kerouac archives, The Unknown Kerouac presents two lost novels, The Night Is My Woman[…]
Jack Kerouac’s Funeral
October 24, 2015
Allen Ginsberg at Jack Kerouac’s Funeral – Photograph by Jeff Albertson October 24, 1969. It was a Friday. Forty-six years ago. Lowell, Mass, Jack Kerouac‘s funeral –  Archambault Funeral Home to the service at St. Jean Baptiste Church (presided over by Father Morissette) then off to the leafy graves at Edson Cemetery. […]
Mexico City Blues – 5
June 17, 2015
Allen on Jack Kerouac’s Mexico City Blues continues     “They got nothing on me/at the university/Them clever poets/of immensity..” – That’s very funny, actually – “Them clever poets /of immensity” – “With charcoal suits/and charcoal hair/And green armpits…” – “Green armpits” – that’s because when we introduced Gregory Corso to John Clellon[…]
Allen Ginsberg’s “Beat” Correspondence with Paul Bertram
May 13, 2015
Readers+Writers Journal, this week, announced the discovery (in a trove of newly-found letters and postcards from Allen to his life-long friend, Rutgers professor and Shakespearean scholar, Paul Bertram), of, arguably, the first known reference in the writings of the[…]
Remembering Jack Kerouac – 3
April 4, 2015
continuing from last weekend‘s two posts Gregory Corso: Al Aronowitz.  Is Al Aronowitz here…Al Aronowitz is not here. okay, well then that’s it, so why don’t you guys rap back and forth. We’ll begin with the ones who, originally were on the stage to begin with, and end it.[…]
Remembering Jack Kerouac – 1
March 28, 2015
Remembering Jack – 1 Allen Ginsberg, John Clellon Holmes, Gregory Corso and Edith Parker Kerouac   We’ve been featuring recently (here and here) some readings from the 1982 Naropa On The Road Conference celebrating Jack Kerouac. This weekend – a panel discussion. Allen explains: “Our idea was to go through, each one tell[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 212
March 13, 2015
 Recently surfaced, Allen Ginsberg and the Clash – Ghetto Defendant – an extended version which originally appeared on the bootleg “Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg” [Allen Ginsberg with Mick Jones, and with Joe Strummer, of  The Clash at Electric Lady Studios in New York, December 1981 at the recording sessions for[…]