Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 549

Last night marked the celebration of the Tibetan translation of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road (ལམ་ལ། Lam la).  Gedun Rabsal’s translation was feted in an evening at the Eurasian Studies Department of Indiana University – ““It looked like holy Lhasa to us” – Tibet and the Beat Generation

Remembering Jack – We continue to remember Jack and to spotlight previous Kerouac posts on The Allen Ginsberg Project. This week, memories from Allen, John Clellon Holmes, Gregory Corso and Edith Parker Kerouachere –  More from this 1982 Naropa On The Road Conference to come.

Simon Warner interviews Matías Carnevale on Jack Kerouac, the Beats and rock in Argentina

Costa Pappas on Elise Cowen – “Elise Nada Cowen – the Underrated Melancholic Beat Poet”
Mark Scroggins on Jack Spicer “A Brilliant Poetry Star Who Burned Out Too Quickly”
Jan Herman on Carl Weissner  – translator of Allen and Burroughs, Ken Kesey and many others
Scott Bradfield on Louis-Ferdinand  Céline “Is it possible to separate the celebrated writer from the disgraced writer of fascist polemics?”  (Bradfield examines Damian Catani’s new biography – “A large chunk of this book considers various opinions, which fall into several obvious camps – those who argue against reading Céline, those who argue he was a nihilist but not a Nazi (and) those who argue his politics had little to do with the lasting greatness of his books, since the foremost among them – Journey to the End of the Night – was published before his fascist polemics started coming along..”
A heads-up on Pente – Poems by John Wieners, Art by William Blake and John Cage, edited and compiled by Patricia Hope Scanlon, due out from Artery Editions, later in 2022
and also Rock Tao from Lithic Press, “a rambling cohesive rock-n-roll poetics diary originally written in 1965”, (edited by Patrick James Dunagan), written by David Meltzer

Like so many, world-wide,  we mourned the loss of Thich Nhat Hanh last week.

The simplicity of it all  – Do The Meditation

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