Ramblin’ Jack Elliott’s 90th Birthday

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott (Elliot Charles Adnopoz) – photo – Michael Avedon)

It’s Ramblin’ Jack Elliotts 90th birthday. [92 in 2023]  See the four part-interview (conducted by Allen) that we featured back in November of 2012 here, here, here, and here

Here’s Ross Altman at Folkworks – “Ramblin’ Jack Elliott Turns 90” –  here

Here’s Jack Elliott recorded back in England back in 1958

Bob Dylan (from Chronicles: Volume One): “One of the last true links to the great folk traditions of this country, with over 40 albums under his belt, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott is considered one of the country’s legendary foundations of folk music. Long before every kid in America wanted to play guitar – before Elvis, Dylan, the Beatles or Led Zeppelin – Ramblin’ Jack had picked it up and was passing it along. From Johnny Cash to Tom Waits, Beck to Bonnie Raitt, Ry Cooder to Bruce Springsteen, the Grateful Dead to the Rolling Stones, they all pay homage to Ramblin’ Jack Elliott. In the tradition of roving troubadours, Jack has carried the seeds and pollens of story and song for decades from one place to another, from one generation to the next. They are timeless songs that outlast whatever current musical fashion strikes today’s fancy. His tone of voice is sharp, focused and piercing. All that and he plays the guitar effortlessly in a fluid flat-picking perfected style. He was a brilliant entertainer. Most folk musicians waited for you to come to them. Jack went out and grabbed you…. Jack was King of the Folksingers.”

Heres Kris Kristofferson introducing a classic clip of Ramblin’ Jack – (Ramblin’ Jack and Johnny Cash together, 1969, on The Johnny Cash show).
(Johnny Cash:  “Nobody I know—and I mean nobody—has covered more ground and made more friends and sung more songs than the fellow you’re about to meet right now. He’s got a song and a friend for every mile behind him. Say hello to my good buddy, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott.”)

Here’s Jack from Andy Hedges podcast, “Cowboy Crossroads   from August of last year

Here’s Jack interviewed (on camera) back in 2018

Here’s Jack in 1988 – Live at Old City Hall, Redding, California

His daughter Alyana’s movie – The Ballad of Ramblin’ Jack.  (bitter-sweet) appeared in 2000
More recently – Ramblin’ Jack Elliott – A Texas Ramble 

More Jack footage – here and here –   Life on The Water

and here’s two clips of Jack at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering courtesy the Western Folklife Center

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott

Happy 90th birthday, Jack!


  1. I remember caravans from the Conejo Valley to the Ash Grove for the experience. Thanks for your inspiration, and it sure is great that the Brooklyn Cowboy has reached the age of ninety in spite of it all. The lion still rules the barranca, but Ramblin’ Jack outlived a hell of a lot of us HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. Wow, happy birthday to Ramblin Jack! Had the pleasure of seeing and hearing him ramble on several occasions, he’s a gem if ever there was one!

  3. Happy to see Jack is still Ramblin’ at 90. He stayed at my place in Toronto a couple of times when he played there, and the last time we were together was about 16 or 17 years ago when I took him out for lunch at a Toronto harbour cafe where we saw a multi-mast boat and Jack, who knows all about boats, explained the rigging to me.
    Miss you Jack, but I’ve been living in China for more than 15 years now and don’t intend to leave.
    Your old Toronto friend, Buzz C.

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