Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 172

A  rare (rarely-seen) Ginsberg item (that didn’t meet its estimated price in their last big Beat-related auction) If Not Forever – A Letter to Jack Kerouac (Sore Dove Press, San Francisco, 2008) – went up again on the auction block at the PBA Galleries in San Francisco yesterday (alongside a number of other Ginsberg and Beat-related pieces, the residue, second culling, (third culling, actually) from Rick Synchev’s fabled “Beats, Counter-Culture, and the Avant-Garde” collection.

A couple more highlights – (likewise from Sore Dove, 2011),  Poem (“Prophecy” (“Prophecy if I shall find/What I miss..”) (first publication, with original art by Soheyl Dahl

a miscellaneous collection of Ginsberg books

 & Bill Morgan (and Bob Rosenthal‘s) hommage volume (from 1986) Best Minds 

On Wednesday in Berkeley at Mrs Dalloway’s bookstore, poet and actor, Ian Hirsch recited all of Howl Part 1 from memory. 

Speaking of San Francisco, here’s Allen Ginsberg performing in San Francisco in November of 1981 (alongside Marc Olmsted, Dan Rielly, Gary Schwantes, Bruce Slesinger and Tom Latta – “The Job”)  – his ever-timely classic, “Birdbrain

[Allen Ginsberg and Marc Olmsted (of “The Job”), San Francisco, 1981 – Photograph by Marc Geller]  

Tomorrow night in New York at The Stone, Bruce Andrews and Charles Bernstein
sometime editors of L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E magazine present a B=U=R=R=O=U=G=H=S  tribute. 
More Burroughs NYC celebrations in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, in the National Museum in Wales

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[Allen reading from “Wales Visitation” (September, 1968, on the William Buckley “Firing Line” t.v. programme) – installation, part of the exhibition, “Wales Visitation – Poetry, Romanticism and Myth in Art”, currently at the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff –  on through to September 7 – Photograph – Alex Martin]

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  1. Nice post, Peter. Thanks for all the extensive publishing and your extraordinary effort in making all this material available and in keeping Ginsberg Nation in the know.

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