Allen Ginsberg & Steven Taylor at Texas State 1996 – Q & A – 2
October 12, 2014
  Q: So You read “Sphincter” last night..  AG: Yeah Q: And that recalled.. I read a (W.B.) Yeats poem about “love pitches his mansion in a place next to excrement”.. A: Yes, “Crazy Jane and the Bishop”  Does anybody know that poem? A couple? – Shall we recite it? Do you[…]
Spontaneous Poetics – 108 (Blues – 3 – Allen Ginsberg)
July 24, 2013
Student: Are all those (records you played) available on Harry Smith’s anthology? AG: No – The “James Alley Blues” is, Richard “Rabbit” Brown singing.  The “C.C.Rider” and “Jelly Bean Blues“, both by Ma Rainey, are on a collection of Ma Rainey that may be (on) Columbia (Records), but they’re available (there are[…]
Spontaneous Poetics – 106 – (Blues – 1 – Ma Rainey & Bo Carter)
July 22, 2013
AG: I don’t know when these were recorded. I think late (19)20’s, or early (19)30’s. And there are a lot of famous musicians on (here). I think (Louis) Armstrong has got that trumpet. (From the) same recording session, (the) famous “C.C.Rider” (or “Easy Rider”) – “C.C.Rider” – (and) the last (one, the[…]
Allen’s Jukebox – The Country Blues
March 17, 2011
Since we spotlighted “Allen’s Jukebox” last week, we thought we’d re-post Allen’s Country Blues mixtape that we first posted in 2009, but this time with a[…]