Allen Ginsberg Reading at St Marks Poetry Project 1977
August 5, 2017
We featured one, from the extraordinary trove of recordings of Allen readings, last week, from PennSound (from the Robert Creeley collection – 1971 at Intersection, San Francisco). Here‘s another, six years later- from the St Mark’s Poetry Project[…]
Allen Ginsberg and Anne Waldman Reading (Naropa, April 1977)
November 23, 2013
We’ve already featured them reading together before – from 1974 here, and from 1976, here, but here, from 1977 is vintage audio of Allen and Anne Waldman reading. Allen begins, thanking his sponsors and setting out his plans. AG: We owe thanks to Naropa and Peter Lieberson and Meg for arranging this[…]
Ginsberg Sings “The Rune” Conegliano 1995 (ASV #23)
November 26, 2011
The shakey hand-held camera, the amateur nature of the document, almost doesn’t diminish this – Allen’s beautiful (haunting) presentation of “The Rune”, from “Contest of Bards”, (accompanied by guitar, no, mandolin – and a Celtic harp, no less! – that’s Vincenzo Zitello, incidentally, on the harp). The occasion, Conegliano, in 1995, the[…]