Allen Ginsberg Reading at The Intersection, San Francisco, 1971
July 29, 2017
Another archived reading today (courtesy the irreplaceable PennSounds) – Allen Ginsberg reading at The Intersection for the Arts in San Francisco in 1971 AG: I’ll begin. Most of what I’ll read tonight is poetry from the last twelve months (sic), but I want to begin, prefatory, by a poem[…]
1974 – Scottish International Interview
June 24, 2017
We’ve previously featured here footage from Allen’s 1973 visit to Scotland     ( a reading for the Center for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow). We also featured some grainy footage (and some transcription from his press conference). Here (with some duplication) is the interview that appeared in[…]
Meditation and Poetics – 16
December 4, 2014
AG: Those who studied with me before or who have worked with me before this may be repeating some matter. Has anybody here read Shelley’s[…]
Meditation and Poetics – 15
December 3, 2014
AG: More breath would be in (Percy Bysshe) Shelley.  See, now, spirit.. divagating a little.. the reason that’s interesting (meditation poetics) is poetry is vocalized.  The vocalization is out on the breath.  So, in any case, we’re going to be dealing with the out-breath, one kind of out-breath or[…]