Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 324

For all you sticklers for detail out there, Sunday July 17, Allen’s appearance with Sopwith Camel, was in 1966. The following year (1967) found him in London, speaking at Steven Abrams‘ “Legalize Pot Rally”. Barry Miles was inevitably there. There weren’t too many classic moments of the “Sixties when Miles wasn’t  present!  Miles’ 2002  memoir, “In The Sixties” just got re-issued in a profuse illustrated edition – see here.

And speaking of the ‘Sixties counter-culture in England, look out also for this – (and the resulting exhibition – “The British Underground Press of the SixtiesRead More

Expansive Poetics – 126 (Sacco and Vanzetti)


AG: Bartelomeo Vanzetti – has anybody read..ever heard (of) him?  – Bartelomo Vanzetti?   Sacco and Vanzetti? Has anybody notheard of Sacco and Vanzetti? Did you hear of Sacco and Vanzetti? – ok, they were a bunch of anarchists (like Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman, except.. 

Student: Except they went deeper..
AG: ..they were Italian fish-peddlers (except they were sort of cultural heroes of their day).  – What’s the story do you remember? Student: They were accused of anarchist bombing in a… I don’t even know if the bombs went off, but they became symbols, and there’s a … Read More

Spontaneous Poetics – 105 – The Blues Intro – 3 ( & Come All Ye’s)

[“Crazy Blues” – Mamie Smith, (1920) – “the first recording of an African-America singing the blues”]

AG: Well it was the dream, it was the possibility of actually saying what I thought. Well, in any kind of poetry, like in “Howl”, or “Kaddish”, or later poems, but also in the Blues form. since, especially since, there’s a tradition with songs like that, of expressing your most private feelings with humor and melancholy – so that kind of song has always been a vehicle for some kind of outlaw feeling – and there’s also a genre of ballads, which are Outlaw … Read More

Happy Birthday David Amram

A bit late notice, but for those of you in the New York City area, he’s celebrating his 80th at Symphony Space tonight, in the form of a benefit for Clearwater (founded by Pete Seeger) and The Woody Guthrie Foundation, titled: David Amram, The First 80 Years. Some things you can expect, above and beyond Mr. Amram’s ebullient good nature & music:

the New York premiere of Amram’s Symphonic Variations on A Song By Woody Guthrie the first ever concert performance of excerpts from Amram’s classic film scores Splendor In The Grass & The Manchurian Candidate a screening of … Read More

Greystone’s Fetid Halls

Our good friend, Steve Silberman stumbled upon these fantastically creepy images on of the abandoned Greystone State mental hospital where Allen’s mother Naomi spent several years off and on starting in 1935. This was the state run facility that was considerably cheaper than the Bloomingdale Sanitorium where Naomi had been for her previous breakdown, a private hospital which almost broke the family financially. Naomi underwent almost 40 insulin shock treatments there as well as Metrazol treatment which left her bloated. This is the same hospital where Woody Guthrie spent his last years and where Bob Dylan paid him his … Read More