Eric Mottram (1924-1995)
December 29, 2017
  Our focus today – Eric Mottram, (1924-1995), author of  (among many other titles)  the brief survey, Allen Ginsberg in the Sixties – a poet, critic and scholar, a central figure in the English/transatlantic connection, one of the earliest, most astute and most passionate, readers and observers and commentators on Allen’s work.[…]
WCW on WNET continued
December 17, 2017
USA Poetry – William Carlos Williams –  transcript continues  (see here) [note –  on occasion some from the Letters of William Carlos Williams To Kay Boyle (1932) “Dear Kay Boyle….. There is no workable poetic form extant among us today..Joyce and Stein have..gone out of their way to draw down the attention[…]
December 16, 2017
Following on from last week’s WNET USA Poetry feature (on Ginsberg and Ferlinghetti), another episode from that series, this one on Allen’s great hero, William Carlos Williams.  William Eric Williams, the poet’s son, (something of a ringer for his father), is the stand-in (Williams having passed away a couple of years earlier).  […]
Allen Ginsberg at County College, Morris, New Jersey, 1979
November 25, 2017
Continuing with our spotlight on the videotapes in the Stanford University Archives (we’re coming to the end of it). Today’s feature (like last week’s) is nuggets extracted from a broader swath. In 1987, Sander Zulauf made a selection (on two tapes) of readings that took place between 1976 and 1985 at CCM,[…]
Williams, The Haiku, and the Natural Sequence
September 5, 2017
continuing from yesterday AG: So, now , the reason I was coming on to all of this was that the short form of the haiku or the long form of the (William Carlos) Williams sentence[…]
Composition and Condensation – 3 (Classroom Notation)
August 23, 2017
continuing from yesterday AG: Then, the other thing we came to, she had a poem that was a discrete series of code-word observations, one after another in a row, and it sounded, like, too choppy, or much like she was doing an[…]
Composition and Condensation – 2
August 22, 2017
AG: Then another thing formulated with Rachel today was, in terms of condensation, if you can find three or four different ways of saying, of arranging the same words, generally, the spoken arrangement that is the shortest has the best rhythm and is the most vivid. – Do[…]
Composition and Condensation – 1
August 21, 2017
AG:  And then there was another thing.. I was talking with…Rachel …with Rachel..and we were talking about composition and condensation of poems and ..some ideas crystallized that might be useful. I’ve talked about it before I thought but apparently I had never said it[…]
Breath Poems
August 15, 2017
AG: .. ..(I cited some lines)  from Hart Crane’s poem “Hurricane” as an example of dochmaic meter… and the whole poem is really interesting, and it’s just in the sequence of poems I’ve been referring to, one time or[…]