Vojo Sindolic’s 1986 Belgrade Interview – part one
February 24, 2018
Vojo Sindolic‘s 1986 interview with Allen in Belgrade (in two parts – the second part will follow tomorrow) is our focus on The Allen Ginsberg Project this weekend. Vojo’s translation of Cosmopolitan Greetings  (Kozmopolitski pozdravi ) has just appeared from Hrvatskoga društva pisaca  (h,d,p) (the Croatian Writers[…]
More on Metrics – 3
November 15, 2017
AG: Well, it’s not that that you need to be able to understand it  to write a poem. It’s not perverting your speech to get those rhythms. Rather, it is that speech does have those rhythms, and that you can follow the cadences with those rhythms, that when we were[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 200
December 5, 2014
The anniversary today of  the suicide of Vachel Lindsay 1931 -Eighty-three years ago.. His doctors at the time discretely reported his death as having been the result of heart failure,  but it was actually suicide – from drinking, in manic despair, an almost-full bottle of domestic cleaner, Lysol  His famous last words?[…]
Expansive Poetics – 122 (Greek Meters and An Angry Question)
October 8, 2014
AG: Vachel Lindsay’s “The Congo” – it used to be in all the high-school anthologies in the (19)30’s and (19)40’s,  the Louis Untermeyer anthology, and it might actually have been pushed out by Black Power, by the Black Renaissance movement when they objected to it as being a rip-off, basically, of their[…]
Expansive Poetics – 121 (Vachel Lindsay)
October 7, 2014
AG: Another American – on the next page, Vachel Lindsay. Another American who is also into American rhythms and American speech but more in a literary, formalistic way (but he  was trying to imitate jazz and blues), who was into black rhythm (and actually Greek rhythms which he knew[…]
Expansive Poetics – 107 (Philippe Soupault)
September 3, 2014
AG: So you can do it in a short form too. You don’t have to write a big long long (poem). So we go back to “the frogs”, back to the French, to Benjamin Peret (he’s after (Robert) Desnos (where is Peret (in our anthology)?  [Allen searches through the[…]
Spontaneous Poetics – 99 – ( “Signifying Monkey”, Lindsay & Poe)
July 10, 2013
AG: I began reading a book called Deep Down In The Jungle. Does anybody know that? It’s a compilation of street poetics in the United States, used by black people. Particularly, there’s one song.. one chant called “The Signifying Monkey”, Anybody know that ? Student: Yeah AG: Do you remember the original?[…]
Spontaneous Poetics – 98 (Vachel Lindsay)
July 9, 2013
AG: Vachel Lindsay.. Vachel Lindsay, and his attempts at a social poetry (in the sense of “Rhymes to be Traded for Bread“). (He was) a wandering minstrel (as in an older poetic tradition), (with) poems that had a very powerful, hypnotic, rhythmic movement within them (which he (Lindsay) was[…]