Three Models (Wyatt, Raleigh & Shirley)
February 19, 2018
AG: Then. – one….  from (Sir Thomas) Wyatt. (on page one twenty-two?) – an imitation of Wyatt. You remember the lines in Wyatt about…  (let’s see) where Wyatt is here..? –“My Lute Awake/ perform the last labors…” –  “My lute[…]
A Brief Anthology of English Lyric
November 2, 2017
Allen at Naropa on “Basic Poetics” continuing from here AG: So we’ll go back to Edmund Waller or do a bit more of (John) Milton. But I would like to get to Edmund Waller for a while, for a brief while. Is that alright? Is that… “Go, lovely rose”  (on page three-oh-five).[…]
Basil Bunting’s Lectures on Poetic Origins – 1
August 15, 2016
AG: Some of the ideas that (Basil) Bunting was laying out, I would like to lay out here because they’re just very interesting. He was saying that, first of all, English poetry was sung up until the 17th century. All the poets wrote for singing including, of all people,[…]
Horace – 2
September 16, 2015
    AG: Pardon me? Student:  (“Thracian”)  (What’s the origin of “Thracian”?) AG:  Thrace – part of Greece. (Where is that, where Thrace is, mind you) – Thrace? What part of Greece is Thrace? – Orpheus lived in Thrace wasn’t it? The worst part.. (Pelopponesian Islands?)  Who knows Thrace? Student (1): Thrace[…]
Spontaneous Poetics – 70 (Gerard Manley Hopkins)
May 6, 2013
Allen Ginsberg’s June 30 1976 Spontaneous Poetics class continues Student: Allen.. AG: Yes? Student: Would you say (something about) … more older forms.. ? AG …with measure to the normal spoken speech of Shakespearean England.[…]
Classroom Survey Results: A Snapshot – Naropa 1976
December 22, 2012
  Allen, periodically, in his early Naropa teaching, would conduct what he, endearingly, referred to as “a pecker-count” (an impromptu survey of student’s familiarity with various (what he saw as) “essential” authors). An early[…]
Spontaneous Poetics (Ballads) – 21 (Jerusalem..& Weep No More…)
December 20, 2012
Allen concludes this particular July 1976 class at Naropa on the ballad form The other (piece) that I had in mind (alongside “As You Came From The Holy Land of Walsingham”..)  was “Jerusalem, My Happy Home”, which is the same basic pattern. [Allen reads “Jerusalem, My Happy Home”[…]