More Ben Jonson (“Our Beauties Are Not Ours”)

[Chinese “life-like” robot, on display at the Tianjin Meijiang Convention Center, China, June 24, 2016 – Photograph via China Daily News]

More Ben Jonson…

AG: “Our beauties are not ours” – that’s really good – that other line following – “Our beauties are not ours” – It’s a great Buddhist line – We don’t own anything. We can’t claim anything. We can’t keep anything. ” Our beauties are not ours” is just the same as “Brightness falls from the air” – [from Thomas Nashe’s “In Time of Plague”] – Brightness falls from the air, it doesn’t stay … Read More

Robert Creeley – 1


[Allen Ginsberg and Robert Creeley. Photograph by Laure Leber]

continuing with transcription of  Allen Ginsberg’s Basic Poetics class from February 1980 (Feb 27) at the Naropa Institute  

AG: Who’s got the right time?…  So, last time we were.. so..  what you were just doing before was Ted (Berrigan), Ted’s class. How many of you are in Ted’s class? So what happens?, There’s a half an hour wait in between? Is that a heavy shot to go through, two long hour- and-a-half (classes) in the evening. How does that work out? I was wondering. Are we creating.. (putting) too much on, … Read More