Breath Poems
August 15, 2017
AG: .. ..(I cited some lines)  from Hart Crane’s poem “Hurricane” as an example of dochmaic meter… and the whole poem is really interesting, and it’s just in the sequence of poems I’ve been referring to, one time or[…]
From The Elizabethan Songbook (Breath & Air)
December 20, 2016
Student: Yeats wrote a poem called “The Cap and Bells” AG: Well (W.B.) Yeats did.. (that’s more) Irish..This is Cap and Bells too. I just (give you) that – but I wanted to get back into the breath into the open[…]
Meditation and Poetics – 14 (Thomas Greaves)
December 2, 2014
AG: (However,) I wanted to read a couple (of poems))  I want to stay with the breath for a moment.  Back to the breath. Thomas Greaves – 1604.  You can find this in an Elizabethan Songbook edited by Noah Greenburg, Doubleday, 1955: “What is beauty but a breath?  Fancy’s …”  Is somebody[…]