Friday’s Weekly Round-Up -346
December 15, 2017
Amanda Petrusich, writing in The New Yorker “The membrane between poetry and“song,” as we think of it in 2017, has always been flimsy and permeable; once all poems were songs. Ginsberg’s weird, wobbly singing [in “The Complete Songs of[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 287
September 30, 2016
Kristen Stewart [Marylou (LuAnne Henderson) in Walter Salles’  On The Road photographed in Los Angeles September, 2016 © Cousart/JFX images   Wait Till I’m Dead, Allen Ginsberg’s recently-published collection of uncollected posthumous poems, (which has not had anything like the notices that it should have), recently received an attentive and intelligent review[…]
Diane Di Prima’s 80th Birthday
August 6, 2014
  The great poet-activist-wise-woman-scholar, Diane Di Prima is 80 years old today!  –  Happy Birthday Diane! She, in the past[…]
August 25, 2012
Castelporziano  Andrea Andermann’s film, “Castelporziano Ostia dei poeti“) (1981) immortalizes the chaos and extraordinary happening/event that was the Primo Festivale Internazionale dei Poeti, in 1979, the International Poetry Festival, at Castelporzia. Eleanor Mannikka (reviewing for the New York Times) writes: “This documentary was shot at a three-day celebration of poetry (a “Poets’[…]
Greenwich Village/Beat Generation
July 7, 2012
Greenwich Village – Sunday in the Village – “Tales of Beatnik Glory” (to borrow Ed Sanders‘ felicitous phrase). Take a time-capsule and journey back to a very very different New York City and a very different Village! (over 50 years ago!) – Ted Joans, spotlighted earlier this week, is featured reading poetry[…]
Remembering Ted Joans (1928-2003)
July 4, 2012
  Ted Joans, born on July 4th 1928, died in Vancouver in 2003. “If you should see a man walking down a crowded street talking aloud to himself don’t run in[…]