Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 392
November 16, 2018
Don’t Hide The Madness  – read David S Wills’ “Angry Young Men Become Nice Old Men’,  his review of the Ginsberg-Burroughs book on Beatdom – here Allen Ginsberg photographer, the UK-based  Far Out magazine. features[…]
Alice Notley on Allen Ginsberg – 4
September 13, 2018
Alice Notley talk on Allen Ginsberg and his exemplary internationalism continues and concludes today Poem 6 is a song, “Industrial Waves,” that is to be sung (and I don’t know the[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 373
July 6, 2018
Jeff Tamarkin reviews the Craft Recordings Howl box-set for Relix – here (For his review of The Complete Songs of Innocence and Experience – see here) Eddie Woods, Amsterdam legend, remembers Allen in an extended[…]
Compositional Practice (Sustained Attention – 2)
May 16, 2018
Allen Ginsberg on compositional practice continues from here Student: Ted (Berrigan) says you write poems when you’re on a retreat. AG:  Sometimes. If I’m somewhere where I don’t have to do anything, then I tend to write. Like, I wrote a lot up in.. when I went up that week for the[…]
A List of List Poems
December 21, 2017
AG:  But by this anaphoric rapture, or anaphoric repetition, it {Crashaw’s poem “The Flaming  Heart”] actually builds up to rapture. So this is what Anne Waldman calls “a list poem”, actually, an early list poem. I taught a little poetry workshop this weekend and checked out list poems and the samples I[…]
“The Time of Composition”
November 22, 2017
  Student: Can I ask you a little bit of an off-the-wall question? AG: Yes.. Why don’t we leave this time open now for just general… Student: In our (Ted) Berrigan class  tonight, he said this comment that,  “The time of the composition[…]
Catching Up – Ben Jonson, John Donne)
June 20, 2017
[Ben Jonson (1572-1637) & John Donne ( 1572-1631) 1980 -Allen was absent and unable to teach one week, so poet Dick Gallup took over his Naropa “Basic Poetics’ class. Allen, on his return, was eager to find out what happened. AG: What happened with Dick (Gallup)? How was the class? Student: It[…]
Ben Jonson – (“Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes”)
March 28, 2017
AG:   To (Ben)  Jonson. What I wanted to get onto was page two-sixty, “The Triumph of Charis“.. oh no, before that, we did that, those two little epitaphs, on page two fifty-six, two fifty-seven – and, on the way out, (Ted) Berrigan reminded me of a poem he likes particularly, “On Gut”  […]
Jim Carroll Workshop – 2
August 14, 2016
continuing from yesterday – Jim Carroll’s workshop  JC: Well, I’m going to play a song that was a great..  one of my favorites… ..Actually, I’m going to play this early Velvet Underground song and then I’m going to play a Phil Ochs song. For some reason, Phil Ochs and The Velvet Underground[…]
Anselm Hollo on Some Modern Poets Fragmentation
September 20, 2015
Anselm Hollo on Modern Fragmentation   June 25 1986 Continuing his remarks on fragmentation, poet-translator, Anselm Hollo looks at the concept in the work of seven of his contemporaries – Armand Schwerner, Ronald Johnson, Tom Phillips, Ted Berrigan, Larry Eigner, Tom Raworth, and Philip Whalen  AH: I sort of went through my tattered[…]