Miltonic Psalm Notations
March 19, 2018
Allen Ginsberg’s 1980 Basic Poetics class (at Naropa) – continuing from here AG: So, the next experiment I did (was) with Miltonics – Milton. This is my Miltonics. It was pretty sick Miltonics.  Because what it is,  is a total[…]
More Robert Duncan – 2
January 14, 2018
Robert Duncan at Novato, California, 1976,  continuing from – here AG: Well, lets now for… to move onto a few more poems from this book . It’s the first book also in which the contemplation of the meaning of our American experience emerges very strongly and it’s nice in our[…]
More on Metrics
November 13, 2017
continuing from here MORE ON METRICS Allen’s pedagogical insistence on quantative prosody, on the minutae of classical prosody, was something he came back to again and again with his students at Naropa  (see, for example  – one of many examples – here).[…]
Kerouac’s Idea of Visions
September 6, 2017
AG:   …the silence of dusk.. and.. the lights going on in the courtyard. See, it was the signal of the lights going on in the courtyard that made.. that locked it in that it was dusk.  That’s why it’s[…]
Comprehensive Reading
October 12, 2016
Edmund Spenser (1552-1599) AG: Edmund Spenser is a colossus, and he’s so big that I think we’ll go around him Except, maybe, one or two, one or two little short things – the Epithalamion – a big Leviathan poem here, marriage poem. What I would suggest is that you go home and[…]
Kenneth Koch Q and A continued
October 18, 2015
Kenneth Koch Q & A from 1979 continues KK:  Maybe we should have some more questions. What would you like me to tell you about? Student: What do you at Columbia? KK: I teach three courses there. I’m a regular Professor. I[…]
Meditation and Poetics – 79 (Bob Dylan’s Logopoeia)
April 22, 2015
  AG: Now most people’s intelligence in poetry when they’re amateurs comes from just imitating other poems and recycling used poems, basically. There’s a possibility (like in T.S.Eliot and others) of referring back and having a pun, but most people just[…]
September 26, 2014
Today is T.S. Eliot’s birthday – In ’58 Allen made him an honorary “Ignu” (“Eliot probably an ignu one of the few who’s funny when he eats”) – and three years later, in “Journal Night Thoughts” – “Eliot’s voice clanging over the sky/ on upper Broadway, “Only thru[…]
Expansive Poetics 90 – (Apollinaire and TS Eliot)
July 28, 2014
AG: The comparison to “The Waste Land” of this (Apollinaire’s “Zone”), particularly, “You are alone the morning is almost here/The milkmen rattle their cans in the street” ( “Tu es seul le matin va venir/ Les laitiers font tinter leurs bidons dans les rues”) […]