Philomene Long’s The Beats – An Exisitential Comedy
November 18, 2017
We continue our spotlighting of video now available via the digitalization of Allen’s Stanford University archives. Today – Philomene Long & (Jay D Kugelman)’s LA-based documentary from 1980,  The Beats: An Existential Comedy The video is available – here [Stuart Z Perkoff appearing on Groucho Marx’s tv show, You Bet Your Life[…]
Expansive Poetics — 95 ( Q & A – Classroom Scraps)
August 7, 2014
Classroom Scraps – Here’s some Q & A at the end of Allen’s August 11 1981 Naropa Class – AG: Well, I’ve been talking steadily , so now I’ll shut up. Student: Did (Vladimir) Mayakovsky and his group..[…]