Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 62

[Anton Corbijn – Allen Ginsberg, New York, 1996 – photo; Antn Corbijn]

Barney Rosset’s passing, on Tuesday, continues to seem like a watershed moment in the history, certainly in America, of literary censorship (see our posting here and Rosset’s New York Times obituary here). Louisa Thomas’ 2008 Newsweek profile of him can be found here and Loren Glass’s two-part piece for the Los Angeles Review of Books here.and here

Emeritus professor at the University of Massachusetts, Jules Chametzky, in Jewish Currents, honors Allen as a “pioneering poet and activist”, and concludes with a personal testament, saluting (his) … Read More

Ciao Manhattan/Naked

Recently-released out-takes from the film Ciao Manhattan show Allen wandering naked on the set (such set as there was!) Memorial Day Weekend, 1967, in Fort Lee, New Jersey, Old Palisades Road. As directors David Weisman and John Palmer, point out, it’s in the grounds of “The Castle”, a rambling, eccentric mansion, rented out and loaned to the company by artist Peter Max. Ciao Manhattan was, of course, a vehicle for fated Warhol star, Edie Sedgwick, Allen’s cameo, only a very minor part of it. He does, however, manage to stand out!
“Starving, hysterical, naked..” – the role and … Read More

Poetry and Meditation

[Allen Ginsberg, Boulder Colorado, June 1994. photo c. Steve Miles]
In the upcoming months we’re hoping to publish, here on The Allen Ginsberg Project, a number of transcriptions of, previously-unpublished, lectures and talks given by Allen. Let’s begin this week with a 1993 class given at the Schule Fur Dichtung (Vienna Poetry School), initially transcribed by Christian M Katt, with further revisions by Ide Hintze and Juergen Berlalovich – Allen on Meditation and Poetics .
The talk is given prior to a showing of two classic “Beat” movies – Pull My Daisy and Renaldo and Clara (Renaldo and Clara is … Read More

William Ney – A Talk with Allen Ginsberg After the Tompkins Square Police Riot

[Photo: Allen Ginsberg. c. Steve Miles/All Rights Reserved]

William Ney brought this to our attention this morning – an extensive interview with Allen  (Allen at the time of the Tompkins Square Riots – regrettably, this is no longer available) –  and we thought it appropriate to post, since it was at this riot that Allen formally met Eric Drooker who’s done the animation for the Howl film.

Thearticle begins

“This interview first appeared in the September 1988 issue of The New Common Good, a monthly broadsheet published by Marvin Jones and Chris Huestis, the owners of PACA … Read More