Sunday May 21 (Robert Creeley)
May 21, 2017
Robert Creeley continued (from yesterday) Sunday May 21 – Robert Creeley’s birthday today. We continue with our transcript of his 1976 Bay Area Writers reading RC  I thought possibly to read a few of the poems that would’ve come from that time of ..of being in the city…just seeing[…]
Gay Pride 2012
June 23, 2012
Gay Pride weekend here in New York City and we’d direct your attention, of course, to these previous postings here, and here. We’ve been intending to mention it before – it’s been out for a few months now – but, better late than never, Christopher Bram’s – Eminent Outlaws – The Gay[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 7
January 7, 2011
Beat Hagiography Hagiography – lives of the saints – Bill Morris’ provocative and challenging essay, published just before the New Year, has had a lot of us (including us here at The Allen Ginsberg Project) thinking. Creativity and biography, creation and mythography, what exactly is the relationship? Joe Woodward, an ex-student of[…]