Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 375
July 20, 2018
The Beat Scene – Photographs by Burt Glenn – edited by Tony Nourmand and Michael Shulman (with an essay by Jack Kerouac), a dazzling portfolio of images shot between 1957 and 1960,  both in New York and San Francisco – close up, contemporaneous, and at the heart of the Beat phenomenon –[…]
60th Anniversary of the Howl Verdict
October 3, 2017
Today is an historic day.  The 60th anniversary of the landmark Free Speech verdict. On this day in 1957, Judge Clayton Horn declared that “Howl” was not obscene. As he announced: “I do not believe that “Howl” is without redeeming social importance. The first part of “Howl” presents a picture of a[…]
Instigating the Howl Trial – March 25, 1957
March 25, 2017
Sixty years ago today, the US Customs, in the person of Collector of Customs, Chester MacPhee, confiscated five-hundred-and-twenty copies of Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl”  – a pivotal moment   From Bill Morgan‘s  Howl on Trial – The Battle for Free Expression: “The Collector of Customs, Chester MacPhee, confiscated 520 copies because,[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round Up – 204
January 16, 2015
Herbert Huncke Centennial Celebrations at the Beat Museum today – Laki Vazakas, Hilary Holladay, Ben Schafer, Dennis McNally, Brenda Knight, Regina Marler and Tate Swindell look back upon and discuss Herbert Huncke’s genius.  Two weeks since the last Friday Round-Up, so a bit of catching up to do.  Here’s (talking of the[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 81
July 6, 2012
Ten years ago today, the “New York School” poet Kenneth Koch died. We’ll direct you to our post on him, and on the delightful collaboration(s) between him and Allen, here. &  here  is a version of Allen’s wonderful Kenneth Koch hommage poem, “Homework”. Lew Welch celebrations at San Francisco Public Library next[…]
Shig Murao Website Announcement
October 3, 2011
One of the, frankly, egregious errors of the Howl film was the erasure, or non-appearance, of Shigeoshi “Shig” Murao, City Lights bookstore manager, and one of the central[…]
Gleanings From The Blogs
January 12, 2011
Poet Ron Silliman over on his blog has been running a contest and offering free copies of the Howl DVD to the first three that get the answer right. Too late now, the answers are in, but[…]
Not Forgetting Shig
October 31, 2010
We said we’d try and curtail posting too many Howl movie reviews. There’s been one or two snipes and gripes, but mostly the response has been pretty uniformly enthusiastic. The main difficulty for reviewers has[…]