The 1973 Glasgow Review Interview
July 1, 2017
We featured here last week, Allen’s interview in 1973 in Scottish International. Featured today is a companion piece from The Glasgow Review  (drawing from the same press conference).  The piece was initially titled “Of Burns and Watergate” (referring to the two main topics). Interviewer;[…]
1974 – Scottish International Interview
June 24, 2017
We’ve previously featured here footage from Allen’s 1973 visit to Scotland     ( a reading for the Center for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow). We also featured some grainy footage (and some transcription from his press conference). Here (with some duplication) is the interview that appeared in[…]
Ginsberg Rare Video Footage Addenda
November 30, 2014
Following on from yesterday’s posting of Allen in Scotland in 1973, there’s a fourth and final video that we omitted, but include today just to give you the complete picture.  It consists of documentation of a press-conference (but with considerable intrusive ambient sound interference, not to mention amateur camera-work, making it almost[…]
Allen Ginsberg in Glasgow, Scotland, 1973
November 29, 2014
  More vintage video today (courtesy the CCA (Center For Contemporary Arts), Glasgow), documentary footage of Allen’s reading at the Scottish Arts Council Building in Blythswood Square, on August 10 1973, divided into three parts. Part One – [Be aware of the technical difficulties at the very beginning (for approximately the first[…]
Hugh MacDiarmid (1892-1978)
September 9, 2012
  Christopher Murray Grieve, Hugh MacDiarmid (1892-1978), pre-eminent Scottish Modernist, author of the epic poem,[…]