Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 177
May 23, 2014
Next weekend (next Sunday, June 1st) in New York City, Elodie Lauten‘s Ginsberg opera, Waking In New York, will be given a rare in situ public performance. Prior to that (Friday May 30) the opera will be recorded and simulcast from the National[…]
New Years Eve (Looking Back on 2013 & Forward to 2014)
December 31, 2013
Last posting of 2013, we thought we’d list a few of our “greatest hits” from the past year – January – Nanao Sakaki and Allen Ginsberg singing “Birdbrain” in Osaka, Japan, February – William Burroughs’ 99th (next year will be[…]
Ron Padgett’s Collected Poems
November 24, 2013
It’s a red-letter day!  (or, to be accurate, a red-and-black letters day, on a plain cream-white background!). Coffee House Press have just published, in one 800-plus single volume, The Collected Poems of Ron Padgett. “Ron Padgett‘s poems”, writes Anne Waldman, “are essential and Ron Padgett is a genius”. She goes on,”His poetry[…]
Ted Berrigan’s Birthday
November 16, 2013
Ted Berrigan‘s birthday. Ted adored Allen. Alongside the late-lamented Frank O’Hara, he was the one. Ted had this embarrassingly patriotic poetic tribal conceit, and in that context Allen was “the President” of Poetry (analogous to Allen’s own gleeful imaginative “shadow cabinet” – “Vachel Lindsay Secretary of the Interior/Poe Secretary[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 151
November 8, 2013
Allen Ginsberg – Bloodsong – (edited by James Grauerolz) – Italian paperback, published by il Saggiatore, 2013] Continuing from last week, (we can’t seem to leave it alone!) Kill Your Darlings (see earlier digests here and here) continues to garner reviews (mostly positive ones) – Michael O’Sullivan in The Washington Post takes[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 150
November 1, 2013
Kill Your Darlings – We mentioned last week the dissenting position, eloquently voiced by Bob Rosenthal in his post from last February – here. – “The film takes its..title too seriously”, he wrote then. “The large fabrications in the film are[…]
Charles Reznikoff’s Birthday
August 31, 2013
It’s Charles Reznikoff ‘s birthday today. We’ve featured him here before, with great pleasure, quite extensively. Previous “Rezzy” postings on the Ginsberg Project: here – here, here, here and here, here andhere. Today, the recording of a memorial gathering held for him at St Mark’s[…]
Spontaneous Poetics – 55 (Edward Carpenter 2)
March 28, 2013
AG: A poem (by Edward Carpenter) that I’ve always liked is “From Turin to Paris”  He’s riding in the train from Italy to Paris and it’s a long detailed description of the entire train trip. I got turned on to that kind of travel-detail poetry by[…]
Giuseppe Ungaretti (1888-1970)
June 2, 2012
Giuseppe Ungaretti – from “A Presentation of Allen Ginsberg’s Poems”, in Naples, in 1967, speaking of “Kaddish“: “The word of Ginsberg is atrocious like no other and it becomes always more angry and ardent as he proceeds in laying bare the road, the long road of human suffering, reflected in the body,[…]
Kenneth Koch (1925-2002)
February 27, 2012
Kenneth Koch‘s birthday gives us an excuse to reprint this wonderful interview with Allen. It appeared in October 1977 in The New York Times. Allen paid back the compliment, interviewing Kenneth the following year – (on “Writing[…]