Allen in the ‘Sixties – Portland State College Readings

[Allen Ginsberg, April 23, 1969, at Portland State College – Photograph from Viking (PSU Yearbook, 1968-69),¬†courtesy Portland State University Library’s Special Collection]

The big news last week, the discovery, initially, by Portland State University archivist, Christine Paschild, (with additional assistance by PSU library technician Carolee Harrison) of a remarkable collection of reel-to-reel audio tapes (275 hours, now transfered to digital format and made publicly available) – the historic and extraordinary¬†Oregon Public Speakers Collection,¬†featuring the voices of such singular cultural (and counter-cultural) figures as Robert F Kennedy, Carl Sagan, Linus Pauling, Stokely Carmichael, … Read More

Gary Snyder’s Birthday

[“On Prose vs Poetry, Work Poems” – Gary Snyder – speaking and reading at the 10th Annual Robert Creeley Awards, Acton, Massachusetts, 2010]

It’s Gary Snyder‘s birthday today. He’s 83 years old. We draw your attention first to our two earlier Gary Snyder Birthday posts on the Allen Ginsberg Project – here and here.

The local, has, of course, always been a (the) crucial context, so here’s Gary on local (NCTV-11) Nevada tv, in May of last year, being, casually but respectfully, interviewed by Lew Sitzer (the interview begins approximately one-and-three-quarter minutes in, and lasts approximately 60 minutes … Read More