George Herbert Selections
August 14, 2017
A little out-of-order this – but here’s Allen’s George Herbert selection – remember George Herbert?)  (and some concluding remarks to his (April 1980) Naropa class) AG: Okay, so next, I would have… (George) Herbert (page 285), check out Mr Herbert, similar to Herrick, as interesting as Herrick, but it’s a little more[…]
The Decline of English Poetry
August 9, 2017
Allen’s been discussing the poems of Robert Herrick AG: There’s a nice, … but then, something that happens now, from here on out. It started. You got a shot of it in (John) Donne with that masochistic religion, and the[…]
Herrick’s Ode To Ben Jonson
August 3, 2017
AG: Then this Ode for him (Ben Jonson),   (on page two seventy-nine), is in an even funnier little stanza-form, and it’s real down-home, mentioning the bars that they drink at and the places that they went to to make their poetry. – “Ah Ben! / Say how, or when/[…]
Herrick and Tom o’ Bedlam
August 2, 2017
“All the sprites that stands by the naked man/In the book of moons, defend ye” – Zodiac Man (illustration from a 1580 Almanac)] AG: Then, I don’t know if you remember,.. there’s an interesting rhythm here, like the “Tom o’ Bedlam” lyric that I read last year – “From the hag and[…]
Robert Herrick – Prayer to Ben Jonson
August 1, 2017
    Robert Herrick (1591-1674) and Ben Jonson (1572-1637) AG; “Prayer to Ben Jonson” –  6-5 6-5, 6-5 6-5 syllables. all about syllables and verse – “When I a verse…” (that’s page 277) – “When I a verse shall make,/Know I have pray’d thee, (not “to thee”, he didn’t want six-six, he[…]
Herrick’s Daffodils
July 31, 2017
AG: And then there’s a very nice one “To Daffodils”.. in term of the meter count, no, in terms of the syllable count. Dig what he’s got there – “Fair Daffodils, we weep to see (eight syllables) /You haste away so soon (six syllables)/ As yet the early-rising sun (eight syllables)/Has not[…]
Robert Herrick – “To The Virgins To Make Much of Time”
July 27, 2017
Three Graces – (detail from The Primavera (or The Allegory of Spring)) by Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510), in the collection of the Uffizi Gallery, Florence AG: So therefore the next poem – you want to read that please? – Gather.. To The Virgins! – “To The Virgins, To Make Much of[…]
“Corinna’s Going A-Maying” – continued
July 26, 2017
Student (reading Robert Herrick): “There’s not a budding Boy, or Girle, this day,/But is got up, and gone to bring in May..”. AG; I like that line – “There’s not a budding Boy, or[…]
Robert Herrick – (Corinna’s Going A-Maying)
July 25, 2017
AG: And “Corinna’s Gone A-Maying” – (page two seventy-five) – It’s real pretty for.. as a Mayday thing. It’s a beautiful poem and I don’t want to go through it the Shakespeare poem (of Ben Jonson) I think[…]