Czeslaw Milosz



Czeslaw Milosz (1911-2004) – Photograph by Allen Ginsberg, courtesy the University of Toronto’s Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, Allen Ginsberg Collection

TO ALLEN GINSBERG Allen, you  good man, great poet of the murderous century, who persisting in folly attained wisdom I confess to you, my life was not as I would have liked it to be  And now, when it has passed, is lying like a discarded tire by the road It was no different from the life of millions from which you rebelled in the name of poetry and an omnipresent God It was submitted to customs … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up 51

[via OWS Librarian, Stephen Boyer: “the copy of “What Work Is” by Philip Levine, that he brought into the library and signed, (the) morning before the raid. Damaged. NYPD tossed out a signed copy of poems (that) our nation’s Poet Laureate donated.”]

The Occupy Wall Street Library is symptomatic so we’ll lead off with that –

On Wednesday there was a press conference in New York regarding NYPD and Brookfield Properties’ apparent mindless destruction of so many of the books.

What happened to the books that we showed here, we wonder? (well, some answer to that question in the … Read More

Gary Snyder

Gary Snyder, the original Dharma bum and eco-warrior, turns 81 today.
Dana Goodyear‘s October 2008 profile in The New Yorker affords some insights. As does this 1999 interview/conversation with Peter Coyote for Poetry Flash. As does this video interview here and here, and this radio interview here, and this earlier (1991) audio interview, to cite just a few of the available sources.
1991, that would be just one year before the publication of No Nature:New and Selected Poems, Snyder’s first gathering of “Selected Poems”. His reading from that book at the wonderful D.G.Wills bookstore in … Read More