Lawrence Ferlinghetti 1965 on WNET

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Lawrence Ferlinghetti is profiled as the companion poet to Allen in Richard O Moore‘s “USA Poetry” series

Introduction: “Allen Ginsberg was once called “the Abominable Snowman of modern poetry” . The man who used this phrase was his publisher, a poet himself, a man of international fame and the owner of the City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco, Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Like Ginsberg, Ferlinghetti is very much concerned with what is going on in the world today, the very opposite of the popular image of the poet as someone disengaged or, removed from reality.”

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USA Poetry – Ginsberg and Ferlinghetti, 1965

We’ve been featuring, these last few months, video from the Stanford University Archives (a number of intriguing videos of Allen reside there, though curiously, not this one – Allen and Lawrence Ferlinghetti in 1965, from the ground-breaking WNET television series, USA Poetry, directed, as they all were, by the remarkable poet and filmmaker, Richard O Moore).

We’ll be featuring more from USA Poetry in the weeks ahead. But to start off with, Allen (filmed on two occasions, July 18 and December 14, 1965 – the broadcast went out the week of March 7 1966) .

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Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 241


The European Beat Studies Network’s Annual Conference next week. This year – in Brussels. Among the explicitly Ginsberg-centric presentations: the whole first (Wednesday morning) opening panel – “Cross-Fertilizations From East & West – 1 – Searching For Which Ginsberg Legacy?” (chaired by Jaap Van Der Bent)Robert Holton on “Ginsberg’s Performative “Howl”, Trevor Carolan – “Asian Wisdom Traditions, Ecological Poetics and Allen Ginsberg”, Paul McDonald – “Cosmopolitan Comedy – Allen Ginsberg’s Humour and the Challenge to Superiority Theory”, and Franca Bellarsi – “Ginsberg as Mediator Between Anglophone and Francophone Poetry” – and, that afternoon, (on the “Cross-Fertilization between … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 239

Kerouac Festival in Lowell this weekend. Here are all the details. Among the highlights…..David Amram, Pamela Twining, Andy Clausen  and here‘s Andy Clausen reading “My Name’s Neal Cassady What’s Yours?” (Andy narrates the story of his meeting with Neal Cassady, an excerpt from his “The Last Days of the Beat Generation.”) Watch Jonah Raskin on C-Span on his book American Scream – Allen Ginsberg’s Howl and The Making of the Beat Generation

Regarding the Howl Celebrations featured here last week – The Six Gallery reading at the Avid Reader bookshop in Brisbane (which … Read More

Vintage Beat Generation Footage

More vintage Beat Generation footage this weekend. Both of these we’ve featured before – in fact, if you turn to our column on the right-hand side of the page, you will find a whole list of  “streaming videos”.[Editorial note – This reference is no longer pertinent, refering to an earlier and no longer continued configuration of this web site] These two early film clips stand out, however. The first comes with an additional mystery – who shot it?  Robert Frank was one informed and plausible guess, but he denies it. Whoever it is behind the camera is comfortable, relaxed, … Read More

Allen and Peter and Julius San Francisco footage (ASV – 8)

[2014 update – unfortunately this rare “home footage” has been taken down and is no longer available on You Tube – Notwithstanding, we retain here our 2011 annotation]

Rare “(at) home footage” of Allen, and , with his brother, Julius, and momentary glimpses of Neal Cassady (that’s him in the striped shirt), and who’s the woman? – we’re really not sure. Of the location, however, we can be sure. It’s 1965 San Francisco, Allen’s apartment, at 1360 Fell Street, near the panhandle district, east of Golden Gate Park.
The source of the footage? Richard O Moore’s groundbreaking WNET Ginsberg-Ferlinghetti … Read More

Annotated Streaming Video 4 (City Lights Footage) (ASV4)

After a brief hiatus, we’re back with our series – Annotated Streaming Videos. For the first three posts see here, here and here
So, next up, the wonderful 1965 City Lights Bookstore footage (often trumpeted on the internet due to the appearance of Neal Cassady in it, as “rare” – it is in its own way, it’s true, but if it appears on the internet, doesn’t that make such designation something of an oxymoron?)
[2012 update – It now returns to a stricter definition of “rare” – not available on the internet, only available on the DVD of … Read More