Richard Lovelace (Althea and Lucasta)
January 3, 2018
Allen Ginsberg, continuing his 1980 Basic Poetics class at Naropa – here AG: Well, he lives only..  (Richard) Lovelace lives only forty years. The commentator here says,  “a life of only forty years spent in such vicissitude give little opportunity for that retirement from the world that art and[…]
Richard Lovelace
December 28, 2017
AG: Now we’ll find out about him..let’s see, Lovelace’s history. He was a friend of… Dick Lovelace was a friend of Jack Suckling, as you remember. Lets see now.. what is this?,.. born in Woolwich, 1618, died in Gunpowder Alley, near Shoe Lane, London, April 1658.. he was an[…]
Abraham Cowley – (“The Wish”)
December 27, 2017
AG:  Now, next we get to (Abraham)  Cowley , below, (page) three-sixty,  And the reason Cowley gets interesting is , finally, for the first time, the horrific City. enters in (as it will get increasingly, prophetically, apparent entering into the poetry.. (William) Blake will, pretty soon, (be) talking about.the[…]
Sir John Suckling – 3
December 11, 2017
AG:  Well, he ’s got this “Ballad Upon A Wedding“ (page three hundred and fifty-one), which is a long poem, probably addressed to his friend, the poet (Richard)[…]