Ginsberg 1982 Kerouac Workshop Conclusion (Q & A)


Jack Kerouac with the scroll

AG: I have three twenty-nine [looking at the clock]. I brought, as I said, those papers and so we will distribute them. There’s two sets two different things. Maybe if we… they can pass them out themselves, if we just hand them.. Or we can put them in two piles here and people can pick them up as they leave, maybe?  That might be the easiest way. The one who did all the xeroxing for you is a poet, Gregg R. (sic) from Indianapolis, So I have these sets.. one of these pages is the

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Allen Ginsberg’s Top Ten Films – part 1

Back in the 1980’s (and, indeed, into the 1990’s – and beyond?) Kim’s Videos (on St Marks Place, later on Avenue A) was an essential part of Allen’s New York East Village neighborhood. As Allen’s upstairs neighbor, Richard Hell remarked (in a valedictory piece, in 2014, in the New York Times) – “The moment Kim’s opened, it supplanted everything else in the area. It was so much better curated”. Carefully arranged (via directors, via genres), mind-boggling comprehensive, it had…  well, everything!  Too expansive to keep up a regular (printed) catalog, there were one or two desultory attempts to map the … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 116

William S. Burroughs zu Besuch bei Brion Gysin, Paris, Oktober 1979. Bildreproduktion, Foto: Udo Breger, VG-Bildkunst

There’s going to be a big new William Burroughs show opening next week in Hamburg, at the Deichtorhallen (from March 15 – August 18), curated by Udo Breger and Axel Heil – “The exhibition’s goal is to make tangible, in review, and for the first time within Europe on such a scale, the visionary volatility of William S. Burroughs‘ literary output, while at the same time showing the impact of his ideas and philosophy on a wider network of authors, musicians, composers, painters, photographers, video artists and film-makers. The curators (and the Director of the Deichtorhallen, Dirk Luckow) will … Read More