Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 297
December 23, 2016
Film Friday -Remember Daniel Radcliffe‘s portrayal of Allen Ginsberg in John Krokidas‘ 2013 film, Kill Your Darlings – Krokidas’ revelations about Radcliffe’s Allen and playing a “sex scene” have been getting a bit of traction. Krokidas: “Growing up with queer[…]
Meditation and Poetics – 44 (Q & A)
February 9, 2015
AG: We were  doing some sitting. I wonder. We haven’t talked too much about it. I’ve sort of left it up to you to adapt. We did finally get some rugs to make it easier. If you want, you can bring in zafus (if you know what[…]
Gerd Stern 3 (Gerd Stern Remembers Harry Smith)
October 21, 2014
Gerd Stern: “It was a great success. The auditorium was always full; everybody paid except Harry Smith. Harry Smith was someone who was a spectacular creative being who died recently . I first met Harry–I think[…]
Ginsberg-Ram Dass Weekend – 1
June 7, 2014
Ram Dass and Allen in conversation in the early 1980’s discuss the ‘Sixties and lessons learnt – the dangers of polarization, the challenges in breaking out from social norms. This transcript will be presented (via seven short videos) in two parts. The first today, the second, concluding part, tomorrow.  AG: I did[…]