Ginsberg-Cherry-Rowan – Buddhism in Song

[Don Cherry]
[Peter Rowan]
[Allen Ginsberg]

Don Cherry at Naropa in August of 1976. We featured him yesterday, we thought to include him again today, alongside Peter Rowan (who we’ve previously featured here) in a discussion (and performance) of Buddhism–in-song. Audio for the occasion is here

Allen begins with a couple of his songs (Gospel Noble Truths and Guru Blues), beginning first with some spontaneous improvisations on the Prajnaparamita, Heart Sutra
Transcription follows.
AG: ….Do you know “Gate gate, para gate, parasam gate, bodhi svaha” – so I just made up one verse last night when … Read More

More Vintage Audio – Summer 1976 – Naropa Benefit Reading

Another Summer 1976 Naropa poetry reading (following on from here and here). This one took place at the very end of Summer (September 13, to be precise) and was a benefit for the then still-to-be-fully-established Institute – “A reading and musical performance by Allen Ginsberg, Peter Rowan, Michael Brownstein, Philip Whalen, Peter Orlovsky and Anne Waldman

The tape begins, approximately six seconds in, with mantric chanting (Allen’s harmonium, and flute and mandolin evident in the background) for the first five minutes, setting the stage – AG: “Jeremy here? Jeremy? Is there anything that should be said as … Read More