Barry Farber Interview – 6 (continues)
April 22, 2018
“You’re making some sort of Cold War problem when what I’m saying is that the problem is ecological”  (Allen Ginsberg to Barry Farber, 1976) – The Allen Ginsberg-Barry Farber conversation continues. BF: Allen,[…]
Harold Norse 1980 Naropa Reading
December 6, 2015
  AG: Okay –  Are we about ready for Chapter two of the evening ? – Shall we go on now? –  Harold Norse is a classic Bohemian figure on the (North) American and European poetry scene, We first met, myself and Harold, in.. on the[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 38
August 26, 2011
Old news – we’ve been reporting on this before – but the final death-knoll, now, it would seem, for New York’s legendary Chelsea Hotel (sold, earlier this month, to real-estate mogul Joseph Chetrit, in a reportedly $77 million dollar[…]
Dialectics of Liberation 1967 (ASV 9)
July 11, 2011
More extraordinary footage. Allen at the Dialectics of Liberation Congress in London in 1967, a unique international symposium, gathered, “to demystify violence in all its forms”. Also included here, footage of Paul Goodman, Herbert Marcuse, and an incendiary Stokely Carmichael.. “Don’t escalate the hostility, don’t escalate the anger, control your mind, watch[…]