Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 296


[“No One is Illegal” – Ai Weiwei – Photo: Rohit Chawla]


[“Laundromat” – Ai Weiwei installation, currently on show at Jeffrey Deitch Projects, New York, through to December 23, 2016. Photo: Bobby Doherty]

Ai Weiwei – His current exhibition at New York’s Jeffrey Deitch Projects  – “Laundromat” – One of the aspects, included in the exhibition, one of its inspirations, in fact, is the Allen Ginsberg poem, “September on Jessore Road”.  Weiwei explains:

“Allen is an old friend of mine. He has always had a strong compassion for those in need of help. With the … Read More

Jim Carroll Workshop – 5 (Patti Smith)

                                 [Patti Smith and Jim Carroll c 1969 – Photograph by Wren D”Antonio]

Jim Carroll‘s  June 30, 1986 Naropa Poetics and Music Workshop contimues – see previous segments – here. here, here and here  

JC: Then, you know, the danger of course being, you didn’t want to fall into that kind of stream-of-consciousness type of scene because, I mean, that falls into a certain lassitude too easily also. So you have to use a song structure, I think. You can’t just put a
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Patti Smith’s Birthday

Patti Smith‘s birthday today.  Patti Smith, who has done so much to spread the word about Allen.

For starters see here, here and here.

Here’s our note on her last year’s birthday – here  A “renaissance woman”, as Variety recently described her.   Tonight sees the second night of her annual New York City date (a second night – sold out, naturally) – in the East Village at Webster Hall  Fresh back from a meeting with..

  and much-reported-on gig singing for..  the Pope, Pope Francis, at the Vatican Patti Smith incanta al concerto di Natale tho’,
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Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 198

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 195

October 31, it has to be said, always makes us feel a little schiz-y. It’s the anniversary of the birth of the English poet John Keats and the celebration of that great Howling night, Halloween. Regarding the former, we’re happy to announce that the entire text of Allen’s crucial essay, “Negative Capability – Kerouac’s Buddhist Ethic” (“negative capability” is, of course, John Keats’ memorable phrase) is now back and available on-line. Regarding … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 176

Allen Ginsberg at the Women's House of Detention. New York. March 1964.

[Allen Ginsberg at the Women’s House of Detention, New York, March 1964 – Photograph by Benedict J Fernandez]


Benedict J Fernandez, the photographer who snapped this iconic shot, is currently being celebrated in the Bronx (in “The 60’s – Decade of Change”) at the Bronx Documentary Center, till July 20.  An engaging interview with him (by Andy Prisbylla) appears hereHere are some selected photographs (“Incredible Images of 1960’s Protests”) on Slate. Further images may be found here. Here is the New York Times profile of his extraordinary photographic career. We finally got around … Read More

Happy Birthday Patti Smith

Patti Smith AGO exhibit opens

Happy Birthday, Patti Smith, 67 years old today! – Our last year’s birthday posting (including links to many other Allen Ginsberg Project postings) can be found here.  

PattiSmith.Net, is, of course, the official Patti Smith web-site, and that may be accessed here. She, along with Philip Glass, have, for some time now, been performing together, often taking the opportunity to present stunning live renditions of Patti’s “Spell” (Allen’s “Footnote to Howl”) and “On The Cremation of Chogyam Trungpa Vidyadhara”, and Philip’s  “Wichita Vortex Sutra (from “Hydrogen Jukebox”)” – and presenting the full-length … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 151

Continuing from last week, (we can’t seem to leave it alone!) Kill Your Darlings (see earlier digests here and here) continues to garner reviews (mostly positive ones) – Michael O’Sullivan in The Washington Post takes up the debate over the blurring of fiction and fact (in particular, the presentation of Lucien Carr – wait a minute, “the Lucian Carr character”) – “You’d better like it complicated”, he writes, “The film is awash in delicious and difficult ambiguities”.  These “delicious and … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 141

[Johnny Depp at Allen Ginsberg’s kitchen table, New York City, 1994. c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

[Harry Smith with Flowers and Cigarette in the kitchen 437 East 12th Street NYC,  August 3, 1986. c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

[Joanne Kyger, Allen’s kitchen, 437 East 12th St.NYC, November 1989 c.Allen Ginsberg Estate]

[Gary Snyder, 437 East 12th St kitchen table, March 1991. photo c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

[Peter Orlovsky 437 East 12th St, New York City, 1996. Photo Allen Ginsberg. c Allen Ginsberg Estate]

Allen’s table. We’ve been contacted about Allen’s kitchen-table, historical hearth and meeting point, also setting for innumerable photos. … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round Up – 139

Sometime last Monday, the one millionth page-viewing of The Allen Ginsberg Project took place. Thank you anonymous page-viewer. We sort of like the idea of not knowing who you are. Thank you all our page-viewers, all our visitors, all our regulars (most especially, our “Google Friends” – here’s another request/invite to become a “Google Friend”, if you’re not already one – also, another previously-offered request, don’t be shy in getting back to us on individual posts, using the “Comments” button).

Now, on with our regular “Friday Round Up”.

Well, a relatively quiet one this week. Patti Smith (and collaborator/accompanist, Philip Read More