Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 339
October 27, 2017
Never did get around to mentioning Kiyohide Hori’s photo-show of Allen and of the Howl manuscript that took place (sadly now it’s down) in Japan this past summer More Japanese news… “the Allen Ginsberg-inspired capsule”? – Some fervid debate in the “Comments” section here – “This[…]
Allen in Peru 1960
October 5, 2013
Beat scholarship – Pedro Casusol Tapias‘  “Visiones Divinas (Divine Visions) – Allen Ginsberg’s Peruvian Trip”, an illuminating account of a key episode in Allen’s early (post Howl)  biography, his journey to Peru, in the Spring of 1960, may be[…]
Friday Weekly Round-Up – 129
June 7, 2013
Ginsbergian Zeitgeist – We’re, admittedly, a little late in putting this up – but here‘s (recently-deposed) Russian power-broker/politician, Vladislav Surkov reading Allen Ginsberg (in English!) – “Sunflower Sutra” (the English begins approximately two minutes in) – [thanks too to “Cloudpine” – we should point out, entirely unrelated – for his fantasy Alexander-Rodchenko-inspired[…]
Happy Birthday Lawrence Ferlinghetti
March 24, 2012
Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Beat honcho, head of City Lights, turns 93 today! Happy Birthday, Lawrence! – A miscellany of links: Here‘s Lawrence reading in 2005 for the University of California at Berkeley. Here‘s a reading (in four parts) at DG Wills wonderful bookstore in San Diego from that same year (here, here, here[…]
Spiritual Poetics – 5
August 4, 2011
Allen Ginsberg 1974 Naropa class  on Spiritual Poetics continues    Student: Do you find that even just transcribing down straight thoughts tends to focus your attachment to your thoughts sometimes? I found that… AG: Focus your attachment? What do you mean? Student: Yeah, with journals. I found that keeping[…]