July 19 (Mayakovsky’s Birthday)
July 19, 2017
Today, July 19, the great poet, Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky, was born in Baghdati, Georgia. We’ve featured Mayakovsky numerous times here on the Allen Ginsberg Project. For example, here and here. The fourteen-part series, Allen’s 1981 focus (with in-class presentation by Ann Charters)  begins here, and continues  here, here and […]
Expansive Poetics – 73 (Mandelstam – Late Poems)
June 25, 2014
AG: Ah, what else is here? Has anybody read through this, the (Osip) Mandelstam section (in the Expansive Poetics anthology)? I won’t go through it but I recommend you read the Unknown Soldier poem which begins it [editorial[…]
Expansive Poetics – 70 ( Osip Mandelstam)
June 23, 2014
Allen Ginsberg’s class, July 1980 on Expansive Poetics (Russian Expansive Poetics) continues. Today’s episode begins with some confusion with the text book, before Allen (and Peter) get down to discussing the text. AG: (Osip) Mandelstam, then, has these texts here. For those of you who have the anthology you might move to[…]
Expansive Poetics – 69 (Georgi Ivanov)
June 19, 2014
AG: Then there’s a remarkable poem, written in 1950 by somebody who was there, Georgy Ivanov – “fought in the First World War and in the Red Army and in the civil war, born in 1896. His early poetry with its cult of heroism owed much to[…]
Expansive Poetics- 67 (Symbolism & Imaginism)
June 17, 2014
Allen’s Summer  July/August 1981 Naropa class on “expansive” poetry (most especially, early twentieth-century Russian poetry) continues today with some preliminary “theoretical bullshit” AG:  (So). Going back. I want to go back and remind us of a poem that we had read which was by (Osip) Mandelstam, which is not in our (class)[…]
Expansive Poetics – 66 (The Arrest of Osip Mandelstam)
June 16, 2014
 Allen Ginsberg’s  August, 1981 Naropa class continues  AG: The confrontation between the extreme Dada group and the Futurists and the actual leaders of the Nazi movement, and the confrontation between the Russian poets and (Josef) Stalin and police bureaucracy in Russia are really totally dramatic situations, which[…]
Expansive Poetics 63 (Osip Mandelstam)
May 8, 2014
AG: Another funny little poem, 1920, by (Osip) Mandelstam, who looked like this as a young man… –   Let’s see.. where am I? I’ve got these people mixed up. No, no… Student: (Nikolay) Gumilev? AG: (Osip) Mandelstam now. I’m interleaving them. (Mandelstam and Gumilev). This,[…]
Expansive Poetics – 52 (Mayakovsky and Mandelstam)
April 21, 2014
  transcription from Allen Ginsberg’s “Expansive Poetics” Naropa Class continues Ann Charters:  So okay. And with this poem of “Lenin”,  Mayakovsky (this is first read on October 18th, 1924) pledges his loyalty to the Bolsheviks with this poem eulogizing a great man – and Lenin was a great[…]