Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 330
August 25, 2017
Allen Ginsberg on tv, May 7 1968 on Firing Line With William Buckley from the Letters column in last weekend’s New York Times Book Review “Reading Ann Douglas’s review of Allen Ginsberg’s “The Best Minds of My Generation” (Aug. 6) reminded me of a chance meeting with Ginsberg in the early ’60s.[…]
Objectivism at Michigan Poetry Conference , 1973
August 19, 2017
Our feature today – the extraordinary gathering on Objectivist poetics that took place in 1973 in Allendale Michigan and Allen’s participation in it. We are indebted to the labors (both with video and transcription) of Steel Wagstaff. His introduction to the occasion (on the poetry-site, Dispatches)  may be read here. Below is[…]
“Only Objectfied Emotion Endures”
December 26, 2016
AG:  …(partly how it) turns out. We’ll find something. Something, We’ll do something. Maybe we’ll give them chocolate.. PO: No, it’s bad for your teeth. (Give them) carrots. [tape/class begins with miscellaneous student announcements (students[…]
The Tradition of Reznikoff & Williams
October 26, 2015
William Carlos Williams (1883-1963)  – Photograph via University of Pennsylvania Archives AG:… that Williams was still preoccupied by some kind of modernism, some kind[…]
Basic Poetics 6 – (Actual Perception v Pure Bullshit)
October 15, 2015
Student: (I think) his style (David Cope‘s style) puts forth the position of being an observer rather than it being (creative). Instead of things coming out of the mind, the poet simply reflects what he sees..)AG: I think it’s a semantic question, actually. I mean, you know, he doesn’t simply reflect what he[…]
Basic Poetics 3 – (David Cope – 1)
October 12, 2015
David Cope – Photograph by Allen Ginsberg – © The Estate of Allen Ginsberg AG: Now,  I want to skip on to a modern poet called David Cope, who’s about thirty years old who writes, very much, specifically in this tradition of “minute particulars”, specificity,[…]
Meditation and Poetics – 93 – Haiku – 6 (More Haiku)
May 19, 2015
AG: So this is obviously one proceeding from meditative state, now. “Rain at Night” A cricket chirps and is silent                                           the guttering lamp sinks and flares up again                Outside the window, evening rain is heard                   It’s the banana plant[…]
Meditation and Poetics – 47 (Alfred Stieglitz)
February 16, 2015
                                      AG: (Who here caught Reginald Ray‘s) presentation on Friday. Can you raise your hands? Raise your hands high. Okay, I won’t go  over it again, though I think he gave a very coherent intellectual outline of stages of Buddhist awareness and penetration[…]
Meditation and Poetics – 38 (Reznikoff – 8)
January 28, 2015
Continuing with Charles Reznikoff   What I want to do, since we’ve got (a few) minutes, is some brief poems that he did in 1934“Jerusalem the Golden was published by the Objectivist Press from 10 West Thirty-Sixth Street, New York in 1934. The Press consisted of Reznikoff, George Oppen and Louis Zukofsky. It was[…]