Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 384
September 21, 2018
Leonard Cohen‘s birthday today. He would have been 84.  We start the Weekly Round-Up today with a beautiful woodcut of him and Allen by George A Walker and this note from Cohencentric – Leonard Cohen Considered – “Leonard Cohen Meets Jack Kerouac at Allen Ginsberg’s Home” Our 2014 posting on Cohen (well[…]
Musical Archetypes and Natural Rhythmic Measures
May 9, 2018
 Allen Ginsberg’s 1980 class in  Basic Poetics continues from here  AG: ..And I’m not sure, actually. I’m just posing the question, whether the continuous repetition of a fixed structure and memorization of it will then begin to collect emotions around it,[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 362
April 20, 2018
4/20 Cannabis Culture. Time to revisit Allen’s extraordinarily clear-headed (sic) and prescient 1966 Atlantic Monthly essay, “The Great Marijuana Hoax – First Manifesto to End The Bringdown” . And here’s some fun[…]
Abraham Cowley – (“The Wish”)
December 27, 2017
AG:  Now, next we get to (Abraham)  Cowley , below, (page) three-sixty,  And the reason Cowley gets interesting is , finally, for the first time, the horrific City. enters in (as it will get increasingly, prophetically, apparent entering into the poetry.. (William) Blake will, pretty soon, (be) talking about.the[…]
More on Metrics – 4
November 16, 2017
AG:  Well, so we have “Go lovely..” and I was thinking – “Tell her that wastes her time and me” – “Tell her that wastes” (da da da da)  – “her time and me” – “Tell her that wastes her time and me”  – seems to be two halves, equally cadenced –  […]
More on Metrics – 2
November 14, 2017
Allen Ginsberg continues, lecturing his Naropa students on metrics AG: “Moloch who’s eyes….. da da-da da, da-da da da , da-da da ,da-da da-da da, da-da.. And if you have a gang of choruses going bop-pa-pa-bom, bop-pa-pa-bom, you’ve got something very powerful[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 329
August 18, 2017
Last week we reported on a poor quality tape from Stanford that illegally came out (and was dutifully squashed). This week we report on a high quality recording that was properly disseminated (included, alongside a brief notice, in Le Magazine Litteraire’s announcement of the Ginsberg digitalization).  The tape “Tape 3 Ginsberg 1994”[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 232
August 21, 2015
 A great spirited reading of the Moloch section of “Howl ” (from circa 1989) on the CBS News Nightwatch program – “Well, it’s the climax and actually the definition of the poem” declares Allen. “What sphinx of cement and aluminum bashed open their skulls and ate up their brains and imagination?/Moloch![…]
NJTV New Jersey Poetry Hommage
October 14, 2013
In this 1986 footage (from the New Jersey Public Television tv magazine show, State of the Arts) Allen is filmed in his East 12th Street New York City apartment, against the backdrop of his cubbyhole library), The segment begins in media res, with him reading from “Howl” (from the classic “Moloch” section)[…]
Spontaneous Poetics – 99 – ( “Signifying Monkey”, Lindsay & Poe)
July 10, 2013
AG: I began reading a book called Deep Down In The Jungle. Does anybody know that? It’s a compilation of street poetics in the United States, used by black people. Particularly, there’s one song.. one chant called “The Signifying Monkey”, Anybody know that ? Student: Yeah AG: Do you remember the original?[…]